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Must Have Tech Gear for Online College Students

Taking college courses online has its advantages, but whether a student does their work online or in a classroom, technology plays a big role in college studies today. Finding the right tech gear can prove to be a difficult task without some serious research and a little cash, and Dad’s credit card if he’ll give it up. The following is a rundown of five really cool and useful computer programs and devices that no self-respecting online college student should be without.

The Apple iPad

The iPad is the one device that all college students need. It has a new retina display that makes everything crystal clear and a battery life of almost 10 full hours. It comes with a built in digital camera that takes still pictures or HD videos at the drop of a hat, and now it has a USB port so that you can connect your device directly to your computer.

You can get an iPad new for between $350.00 and $450.00 or you can purchase a good used one for around $250.00.


EverNote is a virtual notebook that college students can download, for free, that makes note taking, information collection and organization easy. There are versions for both the iPad and iPhone so students will never have to be without their EverNote.

Another cool feature of the program is that allows its users to dictate notes. As the user speaks, their words are instantly recorded and added as text into a note on a computer. Note tagging is yet another great feature that allows users to add special searchable keywords to notes to make them easier and faster to search.

EverNote does have a premium version that can be purchased online, it has more features and functions than the free version, but the free version has pretty much anything one could ask for in a virtual notebook.

Portable Hard Drive

A portable hard drive is almost as valuable to a college student as a computer. There’s nothing worse than losing all of your work because of a computer crash or virus, especially when it’s so easy to avoid by placing all school work onto an external hard drive.

External hard drives are easy to use, and can be purchased online for between from $50.00 to $150.00.  They can be a little pricy, but priceless when you need them.

MP3 Player

The new MP3 players of today are used for far more than listening to music. They are equipped with organizational software that keeps college students up-to-date and on time for classes, paper turn-in dates, regular dates, and whatever a busy college student needs to be reminded of from day to day.

MP3 players cost anywhere from $30.00 to $60.00 not much to be on time, and be able to listen to the best tunes too.

Digital Pen

Digital pens are awesome. They take hand written notes and convert them to text, and it does it as you write. Another really cool thing is that it even writes on regular paper, and is refillable. They capture and save drawings for editing and exporting on a computer or iPad, and they record audio. Finally, the digital pen has an easy to use wireless connection that works on any computer or iPad.

Digital pens cost between $40.00 and $130.00

The bottom line is; today’s college students not only need the latest tech gear to look good and keep up with the latest styles and trends, but in many cases they need the latest technology just to keep up in classes and stay on time and organized in their busy day to day routines.

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