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Must-Have Apps for Your Office-Issue Business Phone

If your office provides you with a smartphone, don’t hesitate to install apps that can help maximize your productivity. Here are some excellent suggestions.

So, you got issued a brand-new iPhone or Android smartphone by your company. Good for you! Well, it can be a bit of a drag to be on-call all the time, but having your own office-issued phone can be a good thing in terms of maximizing or enhancing your productivity. For one, you can install a ton of apps that can help you with your work, whether it’s for improving your workflow, giving you access to tools when outside the office, or simply making your life easier. Here are some of the ones we like and would recommend.

Evernote [free / Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone]

It’s not just an app—it’s an entire suite. The main point is taking notes, and when it comes to that, few can even come close to Evernote. What’s so great about Evernote is that it syncs all your notes to all your devices (if you’re online) and to the Web, so you never have to forget anything you don’t want to. In addition, you can also get desktop versions for Windows and Mac OS X and browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

DropBox [free (freemium) / Android, BlackBerry,iOS]

Cloud storage is one of the lynchpins of mobile productivity. It provides a quick and easy way to access files and resources as long as your phone is connected to the Internet (and most likely, it is). You can always store your files on your phone’s onboard storage or expandable memory, but cloud storage via DropBox offers easy syncing across your devices and computers. DropBox operates on a freemium scheme, which means that after the initial free storage you get upon signing up for the service, you can pay for a larger DropBox capacity. You can also get more space by getting your friends to sign up.

RingCentral [subscription needed / iPhone, Android]

Granted, you’re not using your personal phone minutes because you’re on a company-issue smartphone. Still, you can further maximize cost savings and have an efficient communication tool with the RingCentral app. This is an extension of the RingCentral hosted VoIP or Internet fax services, so your company has to have a subscription (there’s a free 30-day trial, too) in order for you to use the app. But it’s a great mobile version, with neat UI and a wide range of functions.

Office Suites [free or paid / all platforms]

There are tons of office suite options available for different smartphone platforms, and it would really depend on your needs and your willingness to shell out money for “Pro” apps that give you more functionality at a price. Basic functions include word processing and Excel-type spreadsheet functionality, essential tools for any on-the-go professional.

Both the iOS and Android ecosystems are ripe with apps that cater to a variety of business-related purposes. You can always ask your colleagues or your boss for some suggestions, too, since you’re all likely sharing the same ecosystem. If you’re allowed to, install some games on that smartphone as well—occasional breaks from the grind of work will do you a lot of good!

Author Bio:Leiden Johnson is a photographer hailing from Ohio. When she’s not working, you can see her writing geeky articles and playing MMORPG’s.

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