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Must- Have Apps for the Foodies

There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won’t, and that is a wife who can’t cook and will.

Good food and probably good sleep is all that a man basically needs to have, with all the others revolving around it. Food by itself is a divine blessing of God, without which we would not have been where we are today.

And for foodies, here are few mobile applications that may help you figure out the best food or food places around you.     

1. Trip Advisor

The free Android application helps you in a variety of things other than just judge the best food places around. It can help you in choosing the best places to stay and travel. Trip Advisor allows you to browse more than 50 million opinions worldwide, write reviews, photo viewing, getting advice and many more. A collection of the best food in the world, prepared by some of the best professional cooks are brought to your mobile phone.

2. Bizzy

Let this iPhone application know about your favourite places. Bizzy in turn will find out other people who have the same taste. You may use this result in making decisions for yourself. These recommenders are commonly people who have the same taste as you do. The free application in the iTune store is one of the fastest spread and the most downloaded applications around.

3. Jamie’s 20-Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver’s food recipe is not a bad choice for foodies, especially if you could load them into your iPhones and love his cooking style. As there are other apps created by Nigella Lawson and Mario Batali, the best thing to do is to download them all and test their recipes yourself. This application is available for $7.99.

4. Wine.com

A French Proverb says “Burgundy for Kings, Champagne for Duchesses, and claret for Gentlemen” So what is your choice of wine? Confused? Don’t worry. Wine.com will help you. This free application gives you a description of how a wine tastes and a general guide to which wine to buy.

5. The Perfect Egg Timer

The perfect Egg Timer tells you exactly how long you should wait before an egg boils depending on the size of the egg, elevation and exactly how you want it. The application can be purchased from the Apple stores for $1.44.

6. Foodzy

Foodzy is a fantastic android and iPhone application especially for the dieters. It keeps track of all that you eat during the day. The social element in this free application allows you to find new food products introduced by friends and also share each other’s eating habits. The application allows you to figure out how much you should be eating in order to reach your weight reducing goal, making useful comparisons with friends.

7. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s best iPad applications that help you in your cooking. Set up your iPad in the kitchen on a stand and follow up the video where some of the world’s best chefs would be showing you the best of dishes. Enjoy the visual aid to make delicious dishes. This app costs £0.99.

8. Love Fresh

LoveFresh is a great iPhone application that allows you to create and synchronize common points of interest where you can sell or deliver fresh home-cooked food, fresh vegetables and fruits to local restaurants. This application is free for iTune members.

9.Food Buzz

Food Buzz is a dedicated free food blog application for the iPhone that brings you all the information you need to know about different kinds of food across the web. With almost 1.4 million posts, the site brings quality contents to users.

10.  Google Recipe Search

The all-time-powerful Google cannot stay back with such big hypes on food. It has recently stepped in with its all new recipe search engine that helps a user drill down among millions of recipes online. The results produced are the result obtained by searching the entire web. So, this one cannot go wrong.

As George Bernard Shaw Shah (a popular English play writer says) “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. Have these apps in your mobile phones and enjoy the best foods in the world.

Author Bio:- Sanjay Bojan is a blogger and mobile enthusiasts. He loves writing Mobile Phone Reviews and to experiment innovative gadgets that makes our work easier. Follow Sanjay @mphonereviews