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Most Popular ways to improve your blog Traffic

improve blog trafficYou spend allot of time on your blog, but still you are not satisfy from your efforts. You need more traffic, comments, advertisers and contribution for your blog. You tried every possible way to improve your blog, but still not effective and working for you. Don’t worry you are not alone in this war, hundred of thousand bloggers are also facing the same problem. Lets share our expertise, knowledge, tactics, secrets and possible ways with each others to learn more and more and apply on our blogs, to improve performance of our blog. In this post i want to share some of the tactics used by several bloggers to increase traffic to there blogs. These are the most popular, common and workable tactics, which can increase traffic, comments and overall performance of your blog.

Most Popular Ways to Improve Traffic to your Blog

1:- Quality Content:- Quality and unique content is the foundation of your blog. Every one is bored now with copy pasted articles. Provide some thing different and unique to your readers. If your readers will find some thing different in your blog, then they will share it with there friends.(1st Step of Promotion Starts here). This is what every reader wants in any blog. I am personally bored with copy pasted articles, and want to search some thing different, which can help me in my blogging Carrier.

How to write quality and unique content?
One of the best way to write unique and quality post is to read, read and read. Read what others says, Find what other wants to do, Search for common problems faced by your blog readers and improve your knowledge. In this way you will be able to write unique and quality post for your blog. (Read More about How to write a Post)

2:- Share your Post:- Now a unique and quality content has been written and ready for your readers. The next step is to tell the world about your efforts you did in your post and for this you have to follow the promotional steps to keep your existing readers in touch with your blog and attract new readers (2nd Step Starts here).

How to Promote Your Unique and Quality Articles?
You spend your precious time on your post and you wrote a unique post in your blog, but now this is the time to get advantage from your posts and inform the world about your knowledge.
Below are some the popular and ways to promote your articles.

How to Improve Traffic to your Blog.

I am going to explain two ways, Short Term ways and Long Term ways. Short Term ways are those which will give immediate traffic, but only for some time and Long Term ways are which will give benefits for long time.

Short Term Promotional Ways

(a.) Social BookMarking:- Off course this is one of the most popular, easy and fast way to promote your content on the web, and inform blogsphare about your efforts. Social Media has got rapid explosion in very less time, and  is the easiest way to get traffic for your blog. Always bookmark your new posts on popular social website like Digg, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Buzz, Delicio and FaceBook.
These are the popular social bookmarking websites, which will give you new readers (If your post is unique and it has quality) and then your can increase RSS subscribers for your blog.

(b). Press Release:- Write a press release about your blog, or post and publish it. It will provide you immediate traffic for your blog. Submit a Press Release only to high Page Rank websites so that your Press Release can get high SERP in Google and other Search Engines.

(c). Commenting on Other Blogs:- Post comments on popular blogs, but don’t spam the blog, Read the article written by the blog owner and the post a comment. But be the first to post comment, because your name will be list on the top of other commenter’s name, and thus readers will click on your name or keyword (If found quality in your topic) and you will get immediate traffic to your blog.

Long Term Promotional Ways

(a.) Article Submission:- Article submission is the most popular way to increase traffic to your blog home page. Write a post about any topic related to your blog and publish it. This will give you more traffic to your blog.

Why Article Submission?
Because Article Submission websites are popular and there Page Rank are also higher as compared to yours Blog PR. The post your will publish on a PR 5 Article website will get high SERP as compared to your Blog (PR0-PR3). This is main difference and the most useful tactic for getting long term traffic for your blog.

Following are the Article Submission websites (Fast Approval)

ArticlesBase.com is PR5 Article submission website, and provide Fast Approval for your articles.

Bukisa.com is another PR5 Article directory and provide fast approval (You can also earn money from Bukisa). It will increase traffic to your blog.

(b). Directory Submission:- Submit your blog to at least 2000 Quality and SEO friendly directories to increase your blog PR. Page Rank plays very important role for a blog. Advertisers always give preference to high PR blogs.

Directory Critics Provide you List of 2000 Free Web Directories

(c). Link Exchange:- Exchange links with those blogs, which are related to your blog topic. This will give your Long Term traffic and permanent Backlink. Link Exchange works good when done with related blogs.

(d). Forum Posting:- This tactic is also used for getting backlinks for your blog, but it is not effective as compare to other tactics. But you can get traffic for your blog. Don’t waste too much time on forum posting, because this is not effective as compare to other ways. But if you have spare time, then you can try this.

(e). Comment on Dofollow Blogs:- Search engine loves dofollow blog links. Post comments on dofollow blogs and increase your blog Page Rank.This will also increase your Backlinks and your SERP will improved.

(f). Make your Blog Dofollow:- Make your blog dofollow, so that other bloggers can visit your blog on daily basis for the sack of getting Backlinks for there blogs. Read the previous post about how to make blog dofollow and advantages and disadvantages of dofollow blogs. This tactic is useful to get long term traffic for your blog.

(g). Write Guest Posts:- Find the blogs, which provide write for us service. Write posts for those blogs, and get backlinks and traffic for long term.

Thanks for reading this long but quality article. Apply all the above tactics to improve your blog traffic. This can take allot of time, but if your are full time blogger, then you must use these tactics.Feel free to post comments and share your ideas and tactics with us.

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  • prem@phonepriceindia

    September 2, 2010, 7:32 pm

    hope i will get good results from your tips.

  • achong

    May 17, 2010, 6:28 am

    thanks, it looks need much time but maybe the result will be good

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    December 13, 2009, 2:35 pm

    Agreed.. 🙂

  • Chand

    December 12, 2009, 5:58 pm

    Thanks for your comment.
    As i told in (f) that Commenting on Dofollow blogs will give you Backlinks and in long term this will be good for your blog.
    And in above in Short Term Promotional (c) tactics, i mentioned that commenting on blogs can give you immediate traffic. (Dofollow + Nofollow)

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    December 12, 2009, 2:51 pm

    i wont with your point “e”, i wont agree with commenting on the do follow blogs, you need to comment more on every kind of blog.. which helps u in driving good traffic…


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