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More Traffic Than You Can Handle: Five Social Media Platforms That Work

If you’re serious about your business, you almost certainly have a web page. You may also have a blog or an email newsletter, and that’s great. But to really generate traffic and potential paying customers, social media is hard to beat. Although social media often does not involve direct sales, it’s an amazing way to generate word of mouth about your company.  Using any one of the following five platforms can give a major boost to your business, and best of all, most social media platforms are free.


LinkedIn is a natural for business; every professional should have an individual profile.  Your profile can include links to your website, as well as PowerPoint work samples and a comprehensive summary of your credentials. If your company has dedicated email addresses, you can also establish a company profile separate from your individual profile to provide even more publicity. Join or create groups aligned with your professional interests to make additional connections. Posting questions and answers within LinkedIn is another way to raise your professional profile.

Facebook Pages

Facebook is not just for college kids anymore. Many companies have established Facebook Pages, and you should, too. You can have a Facebook Page that’s totally separate from your personal account, and you can even have a Facebook Page if you don’t have a personal Facebook account at all. You can post photos, announce events, and allow your “fans” to post messages. Keep the content on your Facebook Page fresh to inspire repeat visits, and be sure to provide a link to your company’s website.


Pinterest is a relative newcomer to the social media platform arena, but individuals and businesses alike have embraced it. If you are an artist or designer, Pinterest is a natural showcase for your work.  Even if you don’t work in the visual arts, Pinterest can provide a bulletin board for photos of your staff or snapshots of events which your company has sponsored in the community. Place a “pin it” button on your website to allow visitors to repin your content on their bulletin boards, along with a backink to your website.


If you subscribe to one or more RSS feeds, you already understand a lot of how Twitter works.  It is a news feed that operates in real time. If you want to know what’s hot in news, current events, or popular culture, Twitter is the place to look. You can establish a following in Twitter by posting relevant “tweets” and “retweeting” interesting tweets from others. Using hash tags, that is, placing the pound sign (#) immediately before a word or phrase makes the word or phrase operate like a keyword for other people searching on Twitter for tweets on a particular subject.


For musicians, comedians or other performers, YouTube is the means by which they hope to be discovered by a producer, agent or celebrity.  For businesses, YouTube provides advertising that can potentially reach a world-wide audience for the fraction of the cost of print advertising, television or radio. If your video goes viral, that is, is widely distributed by a large number of people, the number of customers or clients you can gain potentially number in the thousands or even millions.

General Social Media Strategy

While it’s easy to get started with many social media platforms, maintaining them requires work to achieve results. You can’t just post a Facebook Page or create a Pinterest board and expect customers to flock to them in droves. If your business has a small staff, or if you work solo, it makes sense to start with one or two platforms and establish them before moving onto others.

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Author Bio:- Guest post contributed by Peter Nevis, on behalf of Orange Line. Peter contributes to various websites, he’s a marketing expert and enjoys writing articles about SEO & online marketing strategies.

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  • Adil

    August 8, 2012, 12:40 am

    Nice. You identified top social media platform very well. I think every blog/ website should have presence on these sites, moreover dedicated efforts on even one of the above mentioned social media platforms can grab great amount of traffic.


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