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More than Just a Logo: Building Your Brand in 2012

Business is getting complicated and competitive. There are more opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs but they have to survive tough competition against large and established brands. With growing awareness and preference of customers towards branded products it has become imperative for small businesses to build their brand with creative ideas. Building a brand is not just having a renovated logo design, advertisement campaigns or marketing biz. It is all about how you plan to communicate with your existing and prospective customers. Here are some ideas that may help you in building your brand in 2012.

Developing a brand communication plan

Develop a communication plan having clear goals and objectives that are closely linked you’re your business plan. Define the tools of communication that you will use to reach target groups and design brand communication for attaining desired objectives.

Consider the frequency of such communication via multiple channels available. You can communicate your message through social media, newsletters, packaging and website it is imperative to maintain a consistent brand design and style across all mediums. Brand value of you company is an asset that requires proper care and protection. Ask your logo designer or web designer to come up with some innovative ideas that matches with your communication plan.

Building brand identity

Many experts and customers judge the value of a company, service or products from external factors. Brand identity is a crucial step conveying brand message. Products or services that you are offering to your customers should be in tune with the changes happening in the market. Design of your website, business cards, logo design, blog and brochure all contribute in building brand image.

Try to come up with innovative ideas. Check out the needs of your customers and verify if you have proper plan to meet their expectations. Have a fresh look at your logo design or brand message. If they are looking outdated, irrelevant and out of touch then ask your logo designer company or brand manager to come up with contemporary themes. Brand management, Re-Branding may be deemed necessary for rebuilding corporate identity.

Incorporating social media

Social media networks have taken the world of branding by storm. While building your brand in 2012 you need to use this platform wisely for optimal gain. Social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter and Hi5 are increasingly garnering more members. There are several groups within these social networks having similar interests. These groups can be targeted for building branding awareness.

Social media helps in creating awareness about a brand and communicating key messages of an organization or business. You can test response of your new logo design within a specific target group or get similar feedbacks on renovations. Determine the most suitable format for communicating. Depending on the facilities provided by the network, it can be video, audio, text or image. You can develop special content, post and test its response. Make sure to refresh the content periodically.

Striving to be unique

adidas logo

Irrespective of size of a company unique brands stand out from the crowd. The way they look, behave, feel and project their brand are unique. When you are planning brand building in 2012 don’t forget to introduce something distinctly different but appropriate and useful for your target market. If your brand has got lost in the crowd of generic brands then it is time to rise up. Come 2012, give your logo design and marketing campaign a fresh look. Have a look at the iconic logo design of McDonald. It is simple, unique and easily identified.

Priority to customers

Building your brand primarily involves building an emotional attachment with existing and prospective customers. While crafting your branding strategy in 2012, give priority to requirements of your customers. Some business owners try to impose their preferences on their customers. Such personal preferences don’t have any bearing unless they match with preferences or requirements of customers.

Overhauling execution strategy

Many plans of brand building may be lying on your table, pending proper execution. Create a strategy for proper execution of these plans by setting realistic goals. While planning to build your plan in 2012, establish a strategic execution plan with actionable steps within a set timeframe. While the business and marketing plan charts your vision, strategic execution plan outlines details like time required, implementation schedule, coordination of groups, etc. With a strategic plan for execution you can manage the brand building process from a project management standpoint. Setting timeframe for each task ensures achieving objectives in time.

Increasing brand visibility

Increasing brand visibility involves letting your customers know more about your business. Let people know about the brand or company they are dealing with or investing their money and time. Your company may be targeting a traditional market segment or you may be looking for modern, chic and funky groups as prospective customers. Brand building strategy in 2012 should be planned accordingly. You may give your logo design a fresh touch, revamp your website with a new design and add a new flavor to your brand identity.


Collectively these steps are expected to build your brand and propel your business forward at a faster rate in 2012. Follow the brand building process of established and renowned brands. Devise a plan to manage business communication, documentation, systems and customer relation on regular basis.

Author Bio:- Roxanne is associated with various web designing companies as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best logo design companies and offers various ways to improve design of your websites and blogs. She excels in writing articles related to Holiday Logo design, logo repair articles, web design, template designing etc.

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