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Money Minting Ideas for WordPress Developers

There have been a lot of stories going around in the market about how WordPress is increasingly becoming the most preferred Content Management System for business owners. In this situation, obviously, the demand for WordPress developers from India has increased at an unprecedented rate. This is because they are cost effective and give a reasonably good quality of work.

So, how can WordPress developers (and not just the business owners) make money from their WordPress sites?

We have already established that WordPress is one of the “most Wanted” products in the world today. If you are a WordPress developer, you have it right there in your hands to make the kind of money you want to! The SaaS (Software as a Service) industry is blowing upyear after year and people are continuously looking for cloud-based business applications that can enable them to handle everything.

Let us explore the two most important things that you can do, to make lots of money as a WordPressdeveloper:

First things first

The worst thing that developers do to themselves is multitasking. Yes, it is a good thing to multitask, but it really messes things up, if you are doing one too many things all together, all of which are going in separate directions.

It usually happens that while developing one particular site on WordPress, developers are “enlightened” about three or four other things that they could do. They always think about it as a great accomplishment and that it is sure to generate lots of income for them.

Take a deep breath and give yourself some time. It is not that you have had less number of ideas or that you are not a good developer. The problem is that too many ideas at the same time are clouding your vision. You start off with something and then tend to leave it and jump over to the next in an attempt to pursue the next “big” idea.

Don’t we hate it when we come across that person who refuses to complete things and only ends up leaving everything unfinished? Don’t be that person. Regardless of how good or “big” your next idea is, please take time to finish your on-going project first. It may be menial, for all you know, but still, take it as a practice and finish it first. Move on to the next only once you have secured the first.

This will not only ensure that you are “completing” your projects, but also that you will get enough time to think and rethink your options in terms of the new ideas. You can hone these ideas to make a better product.

Don’t behave yourself!

Haha! I’d love to hear someone say this to me! (Ever since childhood I’ve repeatedly been asked to behave myself) So, yes, do not behave like the developer that you are. Doesn’t the cook inevitably love his own cooking? Treat yourself as the customer.

Do your work (and demand it from yourself) with the same dedication and urgency that you would do a project for a client. More often than notwe tend to slight our own business and lose focus. Paying attention to your own project is the only way you are going to take it seriously and dedicate enough time, attention and energy that contribute in making it a success.

Okay, an incident for reference. My neighbor is a carpenter. He’d make furniture for everyone that I know (including me). We’d probably pick up wood and lots of DIY stuff and he’d craft it into a great piece of furniture, however, every single item in his own house was store bought. Obviously his wife would go mad at him every now and again, asking him why he would not make things for his own home. He told her, that he’s not being paid for it.

This was a shocker (and an eye opener). I realized one thing that although there is no shortage of skill or talent in us, we just do not “practice what we preach”. That is the real sore. If we start taking our self a little more seriously (and pay yourself if need be), then we can really go a long way in doing great things for ourselves.


I am quite sure that if you can really take care of these two most important things as a developer then you could really start making big money and who knows probably be one of the top entrepreneurs of your industry! Don’t lose heart and never lose hope.

Author Bio:- The author of this article is Ellis Mcgrath, who is a Dedicated WordPress Developers of VITEB, a website design and Development Company that offers services across the world. They are known for their customer support and long list of satisfied clients globally.

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