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Monetizing Best Practices – Increase Blog Profit Without Increasing Web Traffic

The key to increasing your blogs profit is by increasing your blogs traffic, right?


In fact, I was able to grow one of my smaller blogs from a $25/month blog into a $350 per month blog with about 4 hours of work, and with no traffic increase.  How?  Through carefully analyzing and improving my monetizing methods.

Monetizing Options

I am not going to go into to much detail on this, because I trust that most of the readers here have a good understanding of how they can monetize their blogs.  However, here is a brief reminder:

1) AdSense – Google’s platform to help bloggers monetize.  Very easy to install and get going with, but not my personal favorite.

2) Display Advertising – If you can negotiate private buys, this can be great.  However, I am not a big of the display networks such as AdBrite.  The CPM’s are very low typically.

3) Affiliate Networks – Now we are talkin!  This is my personal favorite.  You are able to offer other peoples products and gain commission from sales or email signups.

4) Private Affiliate Deals – Instead of using an affiliate network, you can also negotiate private deals whereby you sell someone’s product and receive a commission.

These certainly aren’t the only ways to monetize a blog, but they are some of the most popular.


How To Pick Which Monetizing Method Is Right For Your Blog

This is a crucial exercise that every blogger should do:

1) Decide whether visitors to your blog are looking to make a purchase, or just looking for information.  You can make money from them either way, but it is important to know.  People searching for “buy a new guitar” are going to have much different intentions then people searching for “pictures of guitars.”

2) If you have purchase or action based visitors, consider any products you may be able to offer them.  (Hint: Use Affiliate Networks)  If you have information-based users, you may want to consider running banner ads or AdSense, hoping for a click but at least capturing an impression.

3) Implement the best possible monetizing method on your sites right away!

Example: $25 to $350 Per Month in 4 Hours

Here’s a quick example:

One of my smaller websites is focused on online jobs.  It offers advice on how to make money using paid surveys.  It receives about 2000 – 3000 unique visitors per month, and used to make about $25 per day.

Then, one day, I employed the strategy I laid out above. I realized that my visitors want to sign up for a site that makes them money!  They don’t want to click an AdSense ad (for the most part.)

What did I do?  I found an affiliate network that offered to pay me for every person I had that signed up for a paid survey site.  It took me 4 hours to place all the links in and now that exact same website makes me between $300 and $350 monthly.

What’s My Point?

My point is that you should carefully analyze your own websites and see if you are sitting on a goldmine that hasn’t been exposed.

Try these exercises, and see what happens…

For any questions please leave a comment!

Author Bio:- Jason is an SEO consultant and online blogger. He enjoys writing about blogging and is currently working hard on his new project, SurveyExaminer.com, where he teaches his readers the most effective ways to get paid to take surveys.

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