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Modern Security Risks – Are You Attentive to Them?

New twists are seen in the online and offline spam’s everyday. Recent reports made by top-notch researchers in the field of internet security have revealed some really interesting loopholes in security and the ways used by hackers to pin the balloon of your PC protection. No matter how good your antivirus programs (although some really good ones like Norton and Carbonite reduces the risk to minimum) may be, these modern security penetrating methods always work. Here, we list all of them with possible preventive measures. Let’s see how many of them do you know about.

VLC Media Player – Update it Today

VLC media player is used by a vast majority of people to listen to the favorite songs and watch movies. This very weakness is well exploited by the hackers, who inject malwares through the playlists. However you need not worry, as there is a way out, thanks to the manufacturers of the media player. Latest version 1.1.10 of VLC has complete resistance towards such attacks. So, visit the VLC’s official website today and get the version updated.

Facebook Threats – More Active Than Ever

Since its arrival, facebook has become a part and parcel of a great number of tech-freaks and online chatting lovers. However, you have no idea how hackers have developed this social media site into a tool of exploiting security holes. For instance, an android application, named as FaceNiff can help the hackers to explore your account and access your personal data, if you are on the same Wi-Fi network. Go for SSL option, if you really want to escape this easy, but efficient threat. You can make the alterations in your account setting on Facebook profile page.

Easy Gateway Made Through Adobe Flash

There’s hardly any PC user, who does not use Adobe Flash software. But the same software helps hackers to easily exploit your internet security. It goes like this. When you enter any personal data like username, passwords etc to log on to your email or bank account, the same information reaches the hacker through the so called “cross-site scripting hole”. The updates of Adobe Flash are now available on Adobe’s official site, which has revised this error to ensure security of their users. It provides complete online backup to ensure your utmost comfort for you. As a piece of advice, it is recommended not to indulge in online storage of passwords and confidential information. Let’s hope that the hackers don’t come out with a way out to the updated version as well.

Even Google is Not Spared

Google, the biggest search engine is used by millions of people all across the globe every day. And thus, it has perhaps become the easiest prey for the hackers. According to a blog post of Google, the users might be affected by malwares, as there is no limit to how many proxy servers are used every day. Buy security tools using discount coupon to boost your system’s security. The best way to minimise the chances of a security upheaval is by installing a top anti malware program and taking every possible step to ensure that you give your best in order to prevent a security attack.

These were only few of the modern methods adopted by hackers to get into other’s privacy. Go for e-books on internet security, which can be bought at a negligible price with promotional coupon code and offer code. Be aware of the latest developments in the field of internet security, else you may lose the battle of hacker vs user.

Author Bio:- The article is written by Irfan Siddiqui he writes for a website features norton voucher codes and carbonite offer codes. One can get great discounts offered by Norton and Carbonite to protect your computer. Except writing, Irfan is a Freelance Graphic & Logo Designer.

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