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The Modern Business and the Rise of the Virtual Office

Virtual Office

In recent years, there’s been something of an explosion in digital businesses. From social media management firms to freelancers enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, there’s no wonder the virtual office has become an increasingly popular option.

Even if you own a small business with a handful of employees, there’s no longer the need to rent an office. In fact, research has shown that your employees may be happier and more productive when working remotely from home. This means it’s a win-win situation, as your staff are happier and you don’t need to spend money on that expensive workspace.

So, how does a virtual office work?

For a small monthly fee, a business can rent virtual office. Through a virtual office businesses gain a credible business address, helping to build the brand of their startup or small business. Businesses can also have their mail delivered to this address, and make use of the facilities, such as meeting rooms – perfect for impressing clients.

Obviously, if you run a business that manufactures products, or else requires collaborative work, a virtual office may not be the right choice. But for online based businesses, consultancies, therapists, or designers, virtual offices are a great option.

So, what are the benefits?

Aside from being cheaper and employee satisfaction, choosing a virtual office comes with a whole host of perks, including:

  • Access to the most talented people. Unlike operating from a physical office space, where your employees all need to be able to commute to work, when you have a virtual address, you can form relationships with talent across the globe. This opens up a whole world of opportunities for your business.
  • It’s eco friendly. Being green is becoming more important to businesses and customers alike, which is where virtual offices have a huge perk. Employees don’t have to commute to the office – reducing pollution – and as all work is done digitally, there’s less waste.
  • Increased freedom. When you have a virtual office, you have so much more freedom. If you want to relocate, there’s no hassle of moving your business, as it all goes with you. So you can travel the world, enjoy being a digital nomad, all while holding a virtual office.

All in all, virtual offices are a great option for startups and small businesses with the ability to be independent of location. They allow business owners to attract worldwide talent, while boosting employee productivity and costing relatively little.

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