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Mobile Phone Accessories of the Future

With new models of mobile phones arriving in the market every other day, many gadget lovers are extremely keen on exchanging their mobiles with the new ones. This leads to a big leap even in the field of mobile phone accessories. If your mobile phone is special, the accessories make it much more special. The developers and designers, who make sure that each accessory has a distinct feature, are constantly coming up with futuristic designs. This article will reveal a few amazing accessories for your mobile phones which are planning to engulf the market in the future.

Finger powered batteries:

There is no need of cursing yourself anymore for forgetting your mobile charger at home while you are traveling. Are you thinking why? Because the finger powered batteries are about to arrive in the market. These are designed in such a way that you can charge them using your fingers. These are the best choice for those of you, who are always on the move. The designers have made the batteries in such a manner that you can pull them from your phones and charge them by spinning with your index fingers.

Stylus with medical features:

The advanced stylus model that is expected to hit the mobile phone market is truly a class apart. Apart from helping you to operate your mobile phones, the stylus also measures your blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart beat and pulse rate. It can also tell whether you have a fever as it is designed to detect the body temperature. With the help of special software, the stylus can take the measurements when it comes into the contact with your skin.

Upgraded camera lenses:

Do you have the habit of taking snaps whenever you see a beautiful thing? Yes! Then this accessory for mobile phones is just for you. These creative lenses for the camera have the ability just similar to the conventional ones. The upgraded lenses can offer high level clarity and can make a shot very clear, even if the object is a few kilometres away. However, you need to wait a few months more to grab this superb accessory!

Go Green chargers:

As a responsible human being, it is your sole responsibility to take a step towards saving your planet as the awareness of ‘go green’ is one the rise. Therefore, you must opt for these innovative chargers that use renewable sources, such as the solar energy to charge up your phones. You can wear them stylishly as a watch or bracelet on your wrist while they get fully charged. The good news is these environment friendly chargers are expected to hit the market very soon.

Fold out screens:

Apart from the batteries and chargers for your mobile phones, there is one more reason for you to rejoice. Fold out screens would make an appearance within a few years and have already taken the attention of every mobile phone user. You can watch videos with great ease as you can unfold the screen up to 30 inches. Later, when not in use, you can fold the screen and store easily.

Author Bio:- Mark is a blogger who enjoys talking about the future of the mobile phone industry on behalf of Morpeth Mobiles who are a leading provider of mobile phone accessories.

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  • Muhammad Hasan Azhar

    May 21, 2013, 11:51 pm

    Pretty interesting ideas, if only they come to reality. As for the battery, there is already a new innovation about the batteries, which can make you charge your battery not a 100 but 1000 times more faster than how we charge our batteries today. Similarly, only one time charge will be more than enough to run the battery for nearly a month time. Now throw in this rubbing technology. We would seldom see our charger then.

  • ravi

    May 17, 2013, 11:36 am

    Foldout screens are a possibility in the near future


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