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Mobile-Friendly Video Meetings – Key Features and Benefits

Over the past few years, tech-savvy business owners have acknowledged the fact that they need more than a few emails and phone calls to create and maintain excellent relationships with their clients, staff members, and partners. Since traditional face-to-face interactions are not always a feasible and a convenient option, especially for company owners who have opened multiple satellite offices all across the globe, videoconferencing has become an increasingly popular substitute.

Video Meetings

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Excellent video conferencing solutions help users save time and money and reinvest these priceless resources in the core of their business. Moreover, interoperability is not considered a very important requirement.

No matter what type of system and networks they use to organize or participate in video meetings, users should be able to interact with their teammates in a highly effective manner, without being interrupted by technological limitations or any other kind of disrupting factor.

According to Mashable, 1 in 5 Americans make video calls for one reason or another. It seems that no less than 19% U.S. based individuals have discovered the advantages of video chat via mobile phones or online.

Blue Jeans can connect your mobile devices to a generous selection of supported platforms, giving you the chance to bond with your interlocutors anytime, anywhere without any difficulties. Blue Jeans can connect your cell phone to different mobile devices, web browsers, PSTN audio, TelePresence systems, and well-known third party clients, including LifeSize Softphone, Skype, or Google Video Chat.

In this context, mobile-friendly video meetings are now cataloged as a real necessity, not a luxury. They come with a wide range of features and benefits that attract more and more company owners who want to improve business communication, cut down losses, and maximize their profit margins at the same time.

The Key Features of Mobile Video Collaboration

Since all employees own and utilize hi-tech video-enabled gadgets on a daily basis, mobile video collaboration is considered an exceptional alternative at hand. This communication method is extremely popular these days and displays more than a few appealing features, including the following:

  • Bi-directional file sharing
  • Real-time video file sharing
  • Support for rear-facing and front cameras

Mobile-friendly video meetings enable participants to communicate with no less than 25 different users, by simply utilizing their mobile phones. This system is entirely user-friendly and favors flawless interactions that raise the effectiveness of any business meeting. Not to mention the fact that business owners who manage to share their ideas with a broader audience in real time save a considerable amount of time and energy, which could be redirected towards other top priorities.

The Key Benefits of Mobile Video Collaboration

Video calling has become increasingly available as camcorders have spread through the online environment, cameras have been built into smart phones, and as video-chat services like Skype, Apple iChat And Google Talk have become a feature of the online and smart phone environment. Teleconferencing is also becoming more embedded in the business environment,” reveal the authors of a survey on video chat and video calling, published by  Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

Mobile video collaboration solutions brought to you by Blue Jeans come with a wide range of remarkable benefits, appreciated by businessmen who want to expand their company and build much more powerful relationships with remote clients and workers. Here are some of the most important advantages of the fun, time-effective mobile video meetings that may capture your attention.

1) Increased employee productivity

It’s no secret that face-to-face communication stimulates remote workers and boosts their productivity. Real-time interactions enable them to get concise answers to all their questions and concerns and receive feedback from their superiors. A flawless communication between staff members leads to enhanced profit margins and an optimal working environment.

2) The opportunity to connect with people using different devices to participate in meetings

Whether they are using tablets, smartphones, or conference room video systems, all participants get the chance to make their voice heard and play an active part in important meetings. The highly beneficial any-device collaboration ensured by Blue Jeans is the key to business success in any field of activity.

3) The chance to get actively involved, anytime, anywhere

No matter where they are and what type of video-enabled device they use, people get the chance to host and participate in business video meetings with just a few clicks.

4) A smooth transition between your work life and your personal life

Mobility is changing videoconferencing as we know it, giving users the chance to profit from a smooth transition from their personal life to their work life and vice versa. The mobile video collaboration solution brought to you by Blue Jeans is well liked for its versatility and flexibility. In addition, it lets users manage their time, money, and energy in a much more effective manner, turning every single day spent at the office into an exciting, fulfilling experience.

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  • Prasanta Shee

    March 7, 2017, 2:15 pm

    Mobile video conferencing or collaboration is a revolution in unified communications industry. Tools like R-HUB`s HD video conferencing servers helps business to conduct high quality video conferences with their clients and customers sitting miles away with a click of the button thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


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