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Mobile CRM on iPhone

In today’s fast paced business environment the time spent waiting for your laptop to turn on or trying to find a hotspot from which to connect to the Internet can mean the difference between getting the sale and coming up empty. But that’s only one of a few issues that can make customer relationships difficult to manage. The basic concept of a CRM app is to take make customer service more convenient for the customer and easy to use for your employees.

A new Mobile CRM app has been developed for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry in order to take some of the challenges out of CRM. Not the least of which is having accessibility directly from your phone from anywhere. Instead of reacting to e-mails or phone calls, you and your employees can be proactive in the attention you give your customers or clients while spending less time on administrative distractions.

Become More Engaged with Your Customers

Before you walk into a meeting with a customer, or make a sales call, you can access customer details from your phone in the parking lot, enabling you to be more engaged with them. You can check their last order and what their anticipated sales will be, for example, letting the customer know they are important to you.

Instead of simply tracking and recording your clients’ information you can also include client interface to include their data into your database so that you walk into a meeting ready to answer any questions about how well your product or service is performing to help their business grow.

Another of the obstacles you might be facing is having information available only in fragments. One department in your company may not be integrated with another department and having the information from all areas of your business tied together can allow you to respond appropriately. For example, your ordering department that is not integrated with shipping or billing may give you the information about what your customer needs, but will not tell you when their order will arrive or what their current balance is.

Security at the Highest Level

Security and CRM working together is another advantage of the Mobile CRM, something many companies demand, especially if you’re integrating their information into your company’s systems. Historically, when security breaches occurred, it was shown to be something the user did that enabled a virus to infect their system and all subsequent systems to which it was attached. Mobile CRM has the highest level of security available to protect all files.

The key to success with any CRM is having every team member on board using the same system. With the number of devices capable of using this application and its ease of use, your staff will be more likely to become dedicated to using it to its fullest capability. Once they experience how they can access a customer’s information and use it to help boost sales, or even to recover lost clients, they will embrace the positives of the Mobile CRM application.

Author Bio:- Jason Phillips has authored this article. His article provides insights on how business can be built through smartphone. Although he is a professional architect, but his fascination always remain gadgets, tech toys launched by Apple, and other consumer goods. Visit his site to know more about customer retention software

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