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Mobile Application Social Passport – Your Ticket to Deals and Savings Through Local Retailers

Social Passport, a mobile application that offers all-in-one solution allowing users to “Like” “Follow” or “Check-in” with just a tap of their phone, is offering a customer loyalty program that takes the daily deals and similar loyalty rewards offered by Groupon and others to the next level. With the launch of their social loyalty tool, users can use both NFC and QR codes to check-in to their favourite establishments and unlock discounts with their mobile devices. The advantage, of course, is that these offers are available to all customers, not just those with an established affinity.

Social Passport is only 6 months old, but since its October 2011 launch, has already scored the “best startup” award at the Web 2.0 conference. The premise is simple: merchants sign up with Social Passport, receive their unique QR or NFC code, and post it in a visible location. Once customers are in the store, they see the code, scan with their Social Passport app, and be greeted with prompts from the merchant, suggesting the user share their experience on Twitter, or check-in to the location on Foursquare or Facebook. Once the user has followed these prompts, they can access the discounts and rewards established by the business at their own discretion.

Interestingly, Social Passport is using these social media tie-ins to launch a new feature known as “More Friends, More Savings”. This new program allows business that use Social Passport to scale their rewards so that customers earn a reward proportional to their social media influence. For example, a user with 200 Foursquare friends will earn a greater reward from the business where they’ve checked in than a user with 25 Foursquare friends.

In addition to the obvious bonus of increased publicity and name-checking from the bigger influencers, the “More Friends, More Savings” feature in fact gives businesses an extra layer of security against users who create an account solely for the purpose of earning rewards. This way, they are offering rewards to those that have earned it – by visiting the location, and sharing their experience with real connections.

Social Passport is currently being used by over 200 New York City businesses, with another 50 on the way. They will expand to other cities in the coming months. The application is for free and available on both the iPhone and Android market, moreover allows for an easy setup for users.

Author Bio:- Guest post by Mary Johnson from Sahipasand.com with classifieds ranging from used cars to real estate and jobs.

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