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Mobile App Stores Are Making Developers Rake In Money

Mobile app development companies are doing brisk business these days. This is because a number of clients are commissioning the development of apps to meet some or the other agenda and this (development of custom apps) has become a part and parcel of their business model. Some companies are developing apps just to release it as a means to promoting their brand if not anything else. There are others who are using mobile apps, especially those built on the iOS and Android platforms to improve their business process efficiency. This provides lucrative opportunities to the mobile app developers.

Taking The Advantage Of The Popularity Of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are getting more and more popular these days. This can be attributed to the fact that there are an increasing number of mobile devices and the users need apps to run on the devices.

Also, the apps on various app stores are neatly categorized. Therefore, the target users can easily find the category or segment of apps which will cater to their specific needs. This encourages them to download and install more and more apps which they find useful, on their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. For example, there are categories of apps such as health and fitness, entertainment, business, finance etc. which provide users a large number of apps that they can use daily.

In fact, users can find new and better ways of carrying out their day-to-day tasks by using these apps. Think of an app like Evernote, which helps users to manage their schedules or maintain notes or apps like Instagram, which is a photo-editing app. These apps are simple yet functional and serve particular niche of people.

Developers are taking the advantage of this immense popularity and developing apps to suit their target audiences’ needs.

Statistically Speaking…

Talking about the mobile app stores, two of the key players in the mobile market, Apple and Google, are the best platforms for developers to earn more by developing more.  Reportedly, Apple paid its developers about $1.5 billion through its App Stores in the first two quarters of 2012.

Moreover, about 32% of the revenues earned by both Google Play and iTunes Store, went to the developers whose apps were ranked in the top 100 apps on these stores. The developers, whose apps ranked below the top 100, got a bulk of the shares accounting to 68%. This means that there is huge opportunity for developers out there to earn big money on these mobile app stores.

Profit Only If Hurdles Are Overcome

Although mobile app development is indeed a lucrative and profitable business (clear from the points above), there are still certain hurdles for the developers. There are a large number of apps on the App Store and making it to the top 100 apps is extremely difficult.

One of the reasons behind this is that some companies commission the development of apps just for the heck of it. They are not bothered about the impact of the app, who are the target users, why would they use the app, the category of apps et al. They simply develop the apps because having a mobile app is the in-thing and they want to prove that “yes, we too have developed an app”. Since the main objective of such companies is to build and release their apps, they don’t even bother to market or promote them.

An increasing number of apps like these on the app stores make it difficult for the developers who are really serious about the development of their apps.  It is their apps that get affected in the end. Hence, even though there is huge opportunity on the app stores, they can’t make the most of the opportunity.

In conclusion, the developers have to strive and try out new ways to increase their apps’ visibility on these app stores. Simply developing an amazing app and releasing it is no longer sufficient; they must also go out of the way to promote it and market it beforehand and do everything it takes to increase the popularity of the apps in order to earn maximum profits.

Author Bio:- Samara Hayden is closely associated with PLAVEB – a Los Angeles based company offering custom mobile apps development services. She has an extensive experience in different iOSapp development platforms. She likes to follow tennis, her favorite player being Andy Murray. She also likes to write and share her opinions with other, likemindedpeople.

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