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Mistakes Bloggers Make and How to Avoid Them

Bloggers are an interesting kind of people. They are perfectionists who are working in an incredibly fast and competitive information environment. This means that they must both keep up with the stream of countless other updates throughout the blogging community while also maintaining a high quality of content on their own blog. To slip up is to make a big mistake, one that can hurt your traffic for a few weeks.

I’ve tried to put together a list of common mistakes bloggers make, and I’ve offered some thoughts on those mistakes as well as a quick sentence or two with information that could dhal you avoid making that same mistake.

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Having Unrealistic Expectations

So many bloggers go into blogging thinking it will take a few weeks of blogging to get a huge amount of traffic, which they can immediately monetize and suddenly be rich! Well, friends, that’s not exactly how it works, and many of you know this. You can’t go in thinking you’ll soon be the king of blogging.

Solution: have modest expectations, but dream-filled goals. Understand that there may be a difference between the reality of blogging and your eventual goals. Understand that there are long-term goals and short-term goals. Know how to plan accordingly and adjust your attitude.

Blogging Inconsistently

Other bloggers underestimate the amount of time they should really blog if they want to be successful bloggers. As a result, they think that they can get away with inconsistent updates and occasional posts. However, all good bloggers know that in order to keep your blog healthy, you must consistently publish for your traffic.

Solution: set up a blogging schedule that you can follow. You don’t even have to update that much each day, as long as you update each day.

Failing to Interact with Readers

Bloggers who don’t respond to comments eventually lose their readers, because readers who comments feel as if the blogger doesn’t care about what they say, and potential commenter’s don’t comment because they’ll feel ignored. Yes, responding to comments is hard and it takes time, but it is worth the time to cultivate various relationships with your readers:

Solution: Set up a good comment spam system and also moderate your comments. This will force you to approve and read each new comment, and then you can respond to them as you moderate them!

Not Understanding Link Love

I’m sort of kidding about this one in a superficial sense; instead, I mean that many bloggers make the mistake of failing to join a larger community of bloggers. They don’t link to posts by other bloggers, they don’t have a blogroll of fellow bloggers whom they recommend readers check out, and they don’t write posts that emphasize the importance these other bloggers have in the community. Instead, they isolate themselves.

Solution: write as if you’re a member of a community. Link to other bloggers. Direct questions to them. Comment on other blogs. If you join the community, then you’ll spread the link love and you’ll get link love. Everyone will be happy.

Author Bio: This article is written by Donna Reish, a freelancer and blogger who blogs about best universities.  She loves to write finance, health, education, parenting career and frugal relating articles. Email at: [email protected]