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Microsoft Social Network a Future Overview

People and application developers are still looking for the future trends that might be affected by the global changes and greater orientation of companies towards competition. Microsoft has although silently launched its social networking portal as So.cl which may not be considered as the competition against Facebook, Twitter or Google+, as per the company officials. However, it should be noted here that this platform of Microsoft offers a station for the people with common interests to share their views and thinking. –You will be able to manage it through the settings application, the very core of your operating system. Sometimes, the message fix app because it is not opening will prompt, which means that something is wrong, and you should take a look into it. The possible error may not be too hard to solve, and with proper guidance, you should be able to fix it in no time..

History of the So.cl social networking – Microsoft termed it as ‘experiment’

Getting along with the global trends and changes, Microsoft has termed the launch of So.cl as an ‘experiment’ rather than as a competitive step against other social networking platforms. The company claimed that this platform is targeted to the future of social networking where younger generation will be of greater choice for the company. This will inculcated a different sense of learning and social networking among the brilliant younger people. It should be further noted here that So.cl was initially launched for the students at the end of 2011, keeping in mind a few educational universities and campuses. Later on, the company makes the portal public by May this year for the trail purpose.

Few outstanding features of So.cl

  • It has been developed by Fuse Labs.
  • So.cl gives the facility of tagging, commenting and sharing on the posts of people.
  • Similar to the ‘Like’ button of Facebook, the So.cl social networking site has an excellent feature of ‘bookmarklet’ which allows the public to share posts which they like.
  • The interconnectivity feature is also provided on this networking platform which allows the users to share their posts on Facebook, which were uploaded on So.cl. It becomes possible due to availability of the feature of ‘share to Facebook’.
  • In order to sign in to So.cl, you will need to have a Facebook or Windows Live account.
  • The feature of ‘video party’ allows the incorporation of videos into your chatting video with your friends.
  • Mentioning the prime focus on students and younger generation, this social networking portal allows the users to post texts, images and videos at the same time. It has been powered by the search engine of Bing.
  • The users of the So.cl are free to join communities, groups of similar interests and they can also search other people on the website.

Future overview of So.cl – Microsoft social network

The company is still in the propagation steps to launch this application in the mobile version although it is suggested that it will mainly cover the Windows mobile. In the future, this will be undone for the other platforms too like Android. The best feature of the So.cl is to pull the contents from the external websites and the users can share them on So.cl. This aggregation feature may be solely focused on the student zone by the Microsoft. In the near future, this social networking platform might gain popularity in the zones of students that want to share information on their projects.

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