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Microsoft Set to Debut in the Social Networking Arena with ‘Socl’

With the current trend of Social Media platforms popping-up all over the place, Microsoft decided it wanted in on the action and gave it a shot. Thus ‘Socl’ was launched, albeit on a small scale. By small-scale, I mean the students of New York University, Syracuse University, and University of Washington. It started as more of an experiment than anything else.

Socl is a ‘search engine cum social networking’ platform that was introduced to the students in the year 2011. However, after much thought, it was opened up to the general public somewhere around 2012.

When one hears Microsoft’s Social Networking Website, automatically we expect the best, as the brands name is a synonym for just that. But when accessing the Website, one must keep in mind that it is, like they said, “an experiment with very few features”.

The website is sort of a ‘mish-mash’ of various other similar websites like, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+. Its template immediately brings to mind Microsoft’s new OS. Socl has adopted a ‘collage-style’ of posting, and the patchwork of various sized images, screams ‘Windows 8’.

Apart from its appearance, Socl,

  • Has the option to post content either by sharing links, or running an ‘online search’ via the ‘Search’ bar, drag-in links on to your collage, add in a few lines explaining it (if you think it requires one, that is), and click post. “Voila!”, it can now be viewed by fellow members.
  • One can like your post by clicking on the ‘This makes me smile’ emoticon, and‘re-share’ it either on their page or on their Facebook, or Twitter accounts.
  • So as to ensure that language is no barrier here, it offers ‘Bing translation’ to be of service to the world-over.
  • No text based posts can be made here.
  • You can only post ‘web images’. Personal images can only be put up via Picasa, Facebook albums, or Drop box.
  • One has the option to comment on, and tag posts
  •  On Socl, you can connect to people of a similar mindset, simply by checking out their ‘Interest’ tab.
  • You can find people and learn more about them via the ‘People’ page.
  • ‘Me’ is simply your own profile. You can edit it to your liking. Keep in mind though, privacy isn’t given much priority yet on Socl…which may explain their strict policy on the ‘age limit’ (only those above 18 can use this site).

Needless to say, Socl REALLY needs to work on their privacy settings…and draw a line on what’s ‘appropriate content’.

  • ‘Parties’ involves everything ‘video’ related. You can chat, post, or watch them here. It’s highly reminiscent of Google+’s ‘Hangouts’.

Socl, has yet to include the ‘Pause’ and ‘Play’ options, which may make video viewing highly inconvenient now. (Reminder: EXPERIMENT)

  • Microsoft and Facebook users have the privilege of connecting their accounts directly to Socl, thus saving us a lot of time and energy in making a new one.

Socl, admittedly requires a lot of work to be done in order to make as much of a hype as its competitors. We can give them credit for getting this far in just a few months however, but maybe they should stick to their earlier target of ‘University students’, and release it to the masses after it makes the mark.

It needs to stop being that kid who follows you around, copying your every move, and bring in its own style and be itself. One can only wait and watch, till then.

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