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MicroSoft Kodu For Creating Personal Video Games

If you are interested in games, and want to create your own personal video game then try Microsoft Kodu. Microsoft Kodu is based on Kodu language which is a visual programming language for game developers. Those who know about game programming can use MicroSoft Kodu for creating small and rich environmental games. Those who don’t know too much about game programming can also create games using MS Kodu. Because Kodu provide you icon based language. It means you can use icons instead of codes. Launch

Key Features of Microsoft Kodu

  • Run on Windows
  • Interactive terrain editor
  • No key board required
  • You can run on .NET3.5 and XNA 3.1 Only
  • Path and Bridge builder
  • Add Cool and Rich Effects
  • Easy and simple
  • More Advance Games with little knowledge

Microsoft Kodu is more simple and easy as compare to other game programming softwares. All the games creating through MS Kodu can easily be played through mouse. Game Saving option, Easy Installation and Support of broad hardware are the key benefits of Microsoft kodu.

Download MicroSoft Kodu

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