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Methods OF Uninstalling Unwanted Programs

There is an easy and traditional way of removing unwanted programs and as a computer user every one is aware of it. Just you need to go to Control panel in the start and then choose Add or remove programs to do the needed the rest you can do by selecting the program you want to remove then click on Uninstall. If this works for you then you are lucky as most of the times this works  but if somehow this traditional way is not working for you then don’t get panic there are other ways from which you can get rid of  Unwanted programs and free  some space from your hard disk. This post will introduce you easy tips and techniques to remove programs that won’t uninstall or refuse to uninstall when you are willing to do in a traditional way mentioned above.

Work on the error message that you get from the control panel while removing your unwanted program utility.

Just work on the error message by reading it step by step to remove the program. It is a time initiating process and hence it needs little bit of patience to follow and understand the error and then removing the program.

Reinstall the Unwanted Program

This is the best way you can adopt to remove the unwanted program because it often happens that your program could not be remove because there must be an error in the set up utility and your previous installation was not done successfully .Reinstalling the program would give you an option to Repair, Reinstall and Remove and hence you can opt any of the three choice according to your wish.

Manually remove the program

If the above mentioned process have deprived you don’t worry you can remove your programs manually just you need to be confident in your technical skills .Just follow these steps to get rid of unwanted programs manually .

  • Reboot your computer and then followed by pressing the delete button will take you to the screen where you can choose to run your pc in a Safe Mode.
  • Create a system restore pint
  • Now you need out to find the location of Program files .If you have trace down the short cut of program files location Right click on it select  Properties a dialogue box will appear. This will trace the path of the program files. Follow the path and delete the program.
  • No worries if you are unable to find out the shortcut just go to C:/Program Files from there you can easily delete your required program.
  • Use registry cleaner to delete all its references once you have deleted the unwanted program from the traced down path of Program Files.
  • Your computer need a reboot  and you have successfully deleted your unwanted program file.

Make use of tools like IOBit Uninstaller

One of the most convenient and user friendly way to uninstall programs is from IOBit Uninstaller. This can be easily downloading this software and it’s free too. Most of its users choose Standard mode for uninstalling programs but if this doesn’t work then you can use its Advance mode to clean registry entries and the other stuffs related to the programs that you want to uninstall .You can also use a forced un installation to scan and then remove your program from your computer .

Apart from these techniques PC users also adopt tools like Comodo Program Manager that looks after every installed programs of your computer . So you can use any one of them according to your convenience and can get rid of unwanted programs I would be very please to know any other options if you have then please share with us from your valuable and most welcomed comments .

Author Bio:- This is a guest post written By Jaykrishna Yadav . He is a founder of  http://bloggersinspiration.com/  visit to gain more information on  inspiration regarding windows  .He loves to provide tips that relates with genuine problems faced by the common people.

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