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McAfee Site Advisor-Online Website Reputation Advisor

McAfee Site Advisor is a online website reputation adviser to inform you about what is going on your internet. With McAfee Site Advisor you can surf internet with better and powerful protection.

McAfee Site Advisor has rating technique which allow you to know about the reputation of a website on internet. The process for rating the website is base on the visit of McAfee site advisor to every website on regularly basses. If they found any bad thing in a website, the rating will be bad for that site, if they found a site useful, then the site will be be add to good rating category.

Bellow is a screen shot of McAfee Rating for some websites.

McAfee Site Adviser

McAfee Site Adviser

You can know the reputation of any website, using these marks.

Online Website Reputation Advisor

Online Website Reputation Advisor

McAfee Site Advisor is a powerful tool to surf the internet with better protection. You can easily install McAfee Site Advisor in Firefox or IE using the Plugin. You can download the Plugin from here.And keep in mind that McAfee Site Advisor software works with Internet Explorer (Windows only) and Firefox (Mac and Windows) only. It will not work in opera or safari etc. Use the above link to install McAfee Site Advisor.

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