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MBAs Are for Everyone

Not every student who steps foot on a college campus expects to enter the world of business when he or she has finished his or her degree ― but that doesn’t mean every student doesn’t benefit from a short and sweet post-grad MBA program. MBAs are applicable in many career fields, which means everyone, from scientists and artists to teachers and tech professionals, should pursue one.

To prove it, here are a few surprising life lessons and essential experiences gained by earning an MBA.

Some Serious Self-Reflection

What do you want to do with your life? Perhaps the most ubiquitous question in America, the problem of determining career and life goals isn’t one that is easily answered ― especially when you are trapped in the monotony of the daily grind. It is easy to be lulled by your current position; the routine of waking up, performing your duties, and going to sleep again provides a passable sense of comfort and happiness, if not fulfillment.MBA for everyone

Breaking the day-in, day-out cycle of going to work with MBA classes provides some much-needed perspective on your needs and wants ― all the while providing skills you need to pursue them properly. Plus, MBA career tracks lead into all sorts of fields, so pursuing this simple two-year degree could open the right doors to the rest of your life.

A Broader View of the World

When the media shouts about the terrible economy, do you understand what they mean? Only about 20 percent of American adults are competent with personal finance, and even fewer effectively understand the complex processes that drive national and international economies.

Though an MBA certainly isn’t an economics degree, it does provide crucial insight into the dismal science of people’s behavior, which ultimately determines the health of our economic systems. MBA programs explore economic concepts that affect businesses and how intelligent investments can protect businesses (and individuals) from economic hardship. Understanding economic news is a simple benefit, but knowing how to act on that knowledge is a powerful skill.

The Real Meaning of Teamwork

The Real Meaning of TeamworkSince you were in kindergarten, your teachers have been pushing you to work as a team with your fellow students. However, it is not until you must function as a group with fellow MBA students that you will truly comprehend how difficult ― and how effective ― teamwork can be.

Usually, MBA programs attract a certain type of individual: competitive, proactive, rigidly organized. Most often, MBA students seek advanced degrees so they can become leaders, and when classrooms place them into groups, they struggle and fight to reach the top. At once, you will need to work cohesively to accomplish your team’s goals while asserting yourself as the leader of a group of leaders, a balancing act that is more than worthwhile to learn.

Reading, Analyzing, and Writing

While most undergrads looking to secure a job major in highly specialized fields like computer science, more and more employers are looking instead for a much broader knowledge and skill set. The ability to effectively comprehend information is absolutely vital to solving everyday problems in any workplace, though plenty of bachelor degree programs skate over these simple skills. MBA programs offer the chance to exercise succinct analysis as well as practice various styles of writing common in most workplaces. No matter where you go after your MBA, at least you will know how to read and write.

This Generation’s Greats

Business schools produce some of the world’s most successful people, and not all of them are nameless executives at obscure companies. Clint Eastwood, Mitt Romney, Dr. Oz, and Shaquille O’Neal, as well as dozens of other celebrities, all have MBAs, and they used their business smarts to achieve their diverse dreams. MBA programs often ask previous students as well as prominent business successes to visit their current classes, which means you might just get to shake the hand of a personal hero. At the very least, you will be able to learn at the knee of some outstanding professors.

The Upcoming Movers and Shakers

However, the most useful connections you make in your MBA program will not be with the famous people who come to speak; instead, your most beloved bonds should be with your fellow students. As mentioned before, business school boasts some of the world’s most ambitious people, and undoubtedly one or more of your graduating class will go on to wield some real power. Knowing and befriending as many of your fellow classmates as you can could provide amazing networking opportunities in the future, when you know better exactly what you want out of life and how to pursue it.

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