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Marketing Medium of 2017

Marketing in 2017

Gone are the days when a few simple dollars’ payment to the local newspaper was sufficient to get the word out on what your business offers. The medium that each business owner should be focused for their marketing campaign is the internet, and this includes smartphone technology.

The web is chock-full of information about search engine optimization (SEO). Type “how to improve my online presence” into Google and see the results for yourself, it comes back with approximately 31,000,000 results.

Google Algorithms

This territory is under constant change. With over 21 years of experience in digital marketing, Glenn Gabe has earned the respect and trust of companies worldwide in their search for an improved online presence.

People such as Glenn respect the value in staying atop the latest algorithm updates, as these hold several keys to a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Forbes has Neil Patel as one of the top ten marketers, and Neil is a proponent of using Google algorithms to your advantage. Before one can do this, a basic understanding of what these algorithms are, and what they accomplish, is necessary.

Let’s keep from getting into a technical jargon filled description. In layperson’s terms, these algorithms are formulas that Google uses to rank web pages based on the query entered by the user.


This is an area of contention and debate among the masses in the SEO world. Some clamor for quantity, while others shout for quality. What should not be dismissed is the importance of how the keywords are used in content.

For example, if someone in the aircraft industry is looking for a brackett air filter cessna, and your company manufactures and or sells these, the goal is for your site to rank high (preferably first or second page) when the customer types that in.

While the train of thought on keyword usage varies, stick with the basics for success. The usage should be natural in content.

Mobile Mecca

Smartphones have changed everything. Some people consider their phone to be the “hub” of their lives. It serves as an address book, planner, correspondence forum for emails, calculator, add to this list as you see fit.

With the prominence of apps now on the scene, each entrepreneur can capitalize on a greater market share. The relative ease at which apps can be downloaded on the various mobile devices, and the simplicity of how they can be used by consumers, makes for a great marketing tool.

Look around and see for yourself. Who do you know in your life that is not using a smartphone and apps? Sure, we all have the “older generation” person or persons who is still clinging to their flip phone. These are the outliers, are they not?

Keep an open mind to learning about Google algorithms. Study what the industry experts say about keyword usage, as this ties in directly to the algorithms.

Ensure your company’s site is mobile compatible. Research the app industry. Build your brand through an app presence. Then, take a moment and appreciate what modern technology has made possible for the marketplace.

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