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Managed Hosting – Why is it Expensive and Do you Need it for Your Website

If you are not a tech savvy guy, reading about a managed hosting plan at a web hosting website will give you headache, mainly because of the technical jargons being used abundantly. But to put it in plain words, managed web hosting is a hosting plan that comes with an all-inclusive technical support. It’s true that you will get the basic technical support in almost all hosting plans, but when you pay for a fully managed hosting plan, it is pretty much like having a capable technical guy at your service, who will be taking care of everything as far as server and hosting is concerned.

Why is it so Expensive?

  • You get what you pay for, and because you will be getting some really competent guys to look after your website, making upgrades, and taking care of the errors or glitches, it means you will have to pay for that kind of skill set and experience.
  • Another very important advantage for having a managed hosting plan is the security. Hacking attacks on websites are getting more and more frequent, and even though scripts like WordPress have made launching and running a website incredibly easy for everybody, common bloggers or website owners are more vulnerable to hacking attacks. Having a managed hosting plan with a reputable hosting company will make the possibility of your website getting hacked or damaged close to zero, hence the high price.
  • In most cases, you will be getting the feature of telephonic support, and the response time on email queries is excellent nevertheless.
  • In a simple hosting plan, all you will be getting in reply to your queries are simple answers or solutions. In case of a managed hosting plan, you can simply state the problem to your technical support guy, and they will take care of the rest, and such luxury comes at a price.
  • The company providing managed hosting has to acquire state of the art hardware, in addition to that they need to hire technical guys who are on top of their game; therefore a managed hosting plan is expensive.
  • Most managed hosting plans come with a dedicated or VPS hosting, which is expensive than a shared hosting in any case.

So, who really needs it?

  • If you are looking to launch a big website, or you are expecting high traffic volumes, then maybe you should go for the managed hosting plan.
  • If you are not good at deciphering the technicalities and managing servers, you should opt for a managed hosting plan.
  • If you are looking to launch a simple Blog or website, then maybe managed hosting plan will turn out to be a wastrel.
  • If you want to get the peace of mind that your site or data is safe and secure, you should go for a managed hosting plan.
  • If the nature of your website requires you to provide failsafe security to your visitors or customers, you must be going for a managed hosting plan, for example if you will be accepting credit card payments or storing client’s information on your servers.

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