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Malware Could Affect More than 18 Million Android Devices in 2013

In 2013 more and more people will fall prey to the allure of the mobile phone to control numerous aspects of their personal and public lives. This is true because the Mobile devices today are far more sophisticated and engaging than the Mobile phones made earlier. While the ever changing novel designs amaze us every day, the dark side of this industry working anonymously, never ceases to shock us.

android malware

There has been tremendous rise in the global malware infection during this year and the year before bringing us to the conclusion that those behind these malicious acts have become smarter and cunning in finding ways to break through swiftly.

The Global Leader in Mobile Security, Lookout Inc estimated that above 1.2 billion mobile phones would be purchased in 2013 and above 70 billion smartphone apps would get downloaded. Keeping in view Android’s expanding market and Open source nature Lookout has sketched out an estimation that approximately 18 million Android users will be affected by the end of next year (which ends up being a little higher than 1% of the total Android user base).

Sources at Bit defender confirmed that Mobile Devices running on Android infected by malware increased by 41% in the last six months. In times like these the Android users have to remain vigilant against all fake .apk’s flying around the internet with a sole purpose to defraud and intrude Google’s OS User’s Privacy.

Although the susceptibility of Malware is not restricted to the OS running on the device but also the region of the world the user resides in. Out of the 18million could you be the one? For that look out has laid out certain statistics that for the users in the US there’s a 0.40% chance that they’ll devices will fall victim to the malware, compared to those in Russia who have a 34.7% chance.

Instead of waiting to be stricken and to avoid falling in to the 1% user – our folks at Lookout have offered some tips that might come in handy for you:

  • Double Check URL’s before you end up clicking one, could be one of the malware?
  • Never click on a URL unless you’re confident its not a Virus.
  • Be careful who you let in – Be very cautious about granting applications access to your personal information, go through the privacy settings of each app before installing it.
  • ‘Stay Updated Not Outdated’ – Make sure the OS you’re’ running and the Applications installed are all up to date.
  • Checking your connectivity settings every now and then and lastly its always good to have complete backup of your Android Device.
  • Download a Security App you trust, though we are sure you’ll only go for Lookout after reading this!

However Computerweekly.com confirms that Orange from the start of 2013 will sell Mobile Devices preloaded with Antivirus software’s and has already started to update their device catalogues.


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