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Making Flash Web Design More SEO-friendly Is Easy

Flash web design can be made SEO friendly with the right use of technology. Opting for Macromedia search engine SDK, keyword linking techniques, creating another version of the site and applying spider simulation are some of the things to consider.

Making Flash Web Design More SEO-friendly Is Easy

Do you know the greatest myth about Flash based websites? People believe that they are not crawlable by the search engines. Wrong! The making or breaking of such sites depends on how it is used by the developer. Therefore, simply blaming this technology without knowing the right use is living in fool’s paradise.

Web pages along with being attractive should also be optimized for better rankings. To know how Flash web design can be made more SEO friendly, read this article.

Why Opt for Macromedia Search Engine SDK?

To make Flash elements scannable, it is wiser to make use of Macromedia Search Engine SDK. The use of this application will not only make your pages scannable but also index SWF movies. You might be wondering how this is possible. Well, the application assist in dragging the text and links from any SWF based file and convert them into simple HTML documents.

Once a document is created, it can be easily optimized and your site will get better rankings in the SERPs. It must be remembered here that SDK only assists in page generation, and does not help in the optimization. To make pages optimized, it is necessary to integrate ‘Meta Data’, ‘body content’ and update the ‘Alt Tags’ on the images built using SDK.

Keyword Link Strategy

Ask the designer to generate content based web pages having embedded Flash elements. This is essential for listing in the major search engine pages. Users should be able to find your site by making use of the keywords. You only have to ensure that the pages having the right components and representing the relevant keywords.

The implementation of this strategy will tell Google which keywords should be scanned and indexed. Even if the content is insignificant, the hyperlinks will guide Google spiders to the other segments  having the relevant keywords or links.

Another Version Is Mandatory

A smart way to score high in terms of SEO is by building another version of your website. The other version should be designed using HTML only. The most important page can be designed using Flash but include links that take visitors to the other pages. This strategy will help to scan the web pages built in HTML easily.

Other Factors to Consider

You should also take into consideration some other factors for providing a rich user experience. Let’s see what are they:

  • Implementing a spider simulation as that will help you ascertain where exactly the development process has gone wrong.
  • Make changes wisely and include trendy elements that internet spiders love to crawl. Make the alterations during the designing process instead of doing it later.   It will save a lot of your designing time and efforts.
  • Each of the pages should be well connected to each other.

The designer needs to be familiar with the latest trends of SEO and implement technology in the right manner.

Do you have some other interesting ideas to share? Or have some questions in mind? Feel free to make your comments.

Author Bio:- Gurwinder Singh is a Blogger and writes for InfozGuide – a blog based on Technology and Blogger Tips , Web Designing . He is an expert on SEO and in his free time likes to read about latest tech buzz and news.

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