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Making Best out of Kindle Fire

Kindle is the best cheap Ipad alternative available in the market currently. Although it is as cheap as chips, lack of bottom-line features and troubling bugs can make it avoidable. With little tweaking you can make the best out of your tablet

Internet Connectivity

Tablet PC often quoted as portable PC, which is intended for uninterrupted portable computing. Internet being a part and parcel of computers may be not available on Kindle Fire everywhere because it only supports WIFI connectivity. Hotspots aren’t available everywhere, in most of the countries, it is hardly available at all.

Portable Internet connectivity can be made possible on Kindle with a Portable 3G router.

Setup 3G on Kindle

  • You need to have a Portable Wifi Router. The best available ones are MicroMax MMX400R and Huawei’s E585 portable 3G router
  • Insert a 3G Simcard with active subscription into the router and turn it on
  • You can see this network in available connections, Just enter the password  (If you had set up one) and your Tablet is now Wifi Enabled
  • You can also enable this feature by using Iphone’s Mifi app instead of a Wifi Router

Android Market

One of the considerable drawbacks of Kindle Fire, it doesn’t support Android Market. Home for millions of apps cannot be installed on Kindle by default. The open source Operating system spread like a forest fire due to it’s flexibility, compatibility and availability for application development. The Android market , heart of Android OS was disabled by Amazon because they claim the device is subsidized and mainly intended for Amazon Marketplace sales

There any many tutorials available on the internet to install Android Market on your tablet. Though it is pretty lengthy process you won’t regret it.

Interface and Outdated OS

Kindle Fire offers very dull, fretsome user interface. Every nook and corner, the buttons functions are designed to facilitate the Amazon Market. The unparalleled functions and interface of the latest version of Android Ice Sandwich can be installed to your device with a little tweaking.

It is not suggested to install ICS on your Kindle Fire because the ROM is developed unofficially and may cause many bugs. If you still wish to install it, You can get it here

Author Bio:- Article Written by Gautham Nekkanti. Gautham is a technology enthusiast. He is the owner of SmashPixels , an informative technology blog which covers tech updates, tutorials and tips.

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