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Making A Living From The Net

The net is a wonderful place and has the spawned the work at home life style. Working from home or indeed anywhere in the world is an aspiration that many of us have; finding the drive and determination to make it happen is where many of us fall down. Inspirational reading like the 4 hour work week shows us how we can move away from the 9 to 5 and into making a living for ourselves on the net.

making living from net

There are many different ways of making a living from what we do online, which I will talk about later. But I first wanted to make a quick point of moving away from the wage mindset and the security of knowing that there will be a pay check waiting for you at the end of the week. When you focus on making a living online, you will never make the same amount twice some weeks will inevitably be better than others. I’m afraid there is very little we can do about this, only work hard to make sure that we have more of the better weeks.

With the different avenues  of revenue generation that are available online choosing one that works for you is a case of trial an error you will soon find which area you work best in and what you are most suited to you should always play to your strengths. Here are the different options available to us all.

Freelancing and Contract Work

This is by far the broadest category available, if you have any IT based skills you will be able to find work either through freelancing and sub-contracting or on sites like Elance and Odesk. Work is freely available, but in most cases the pay isn’t so great and you are competing with so many other contractors for every job. If you are serious about making your living on the net I would seriously suggest giving these sites a go, they give you the opportunity to cut your teeth in many different industries and by building up your feedback score it will make it easier for you to find more work in the future. I use these sites as a backup plan, if I have a couple of bad weeks where the money has dried up, I know I can find work on these sites the pay may not be great but at least you will be earning.

Affiliate Marketing

This is such a well-documented subject, the only thing I can say about this is that it takes a long time to ramp up your monthly revenue. It can take years to build a sustainable living from your marketing efforts especially if you are doing it in your spare time. The best advice I can offer is that before you quit your job at least make sure you are making enough online to at least get you by for the first couple of months.

Building Sites

Again this is a pretty broad category with a lot of avenues to make money,
Adsense sites: you can launch hundreds of sites making a dollar day or a couple of big sites making a hundred dollars a day. There are now countless revenue sharing sites that will accept your content and split any revenue that is generated. You can build sites and sell them on Flippa. You can register domains park them and sell the domain name.

Though there are countless other ways of making money on the net these are the most popular and you’ll find the many other ways of generating revenue are just different iterations of what has been discussed above, If you think you can add anything to the post please feel free to leave a comment

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  • Shiva @ Blogging Ideas

    December 7, 2010, 2:54 pm

    Nice article Neil. I agree with you, there are numerous ways in the Internet to make money, only one needs to know the right tools and the right techniques and after that he certainly can become a good online money earner. It may take time for him/her to learn the tricks of the trade but money making becomes easy after that


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