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Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly: 4 Tips to Increase the Ranking

Link building strategy is one of the most popular and widely used SEO techniques in the network. But before choosing your strategy you need to understand all the consequences and risks. To attract more prospective clients you have to act in accordance with the rules established by search engines. For example, Google ranking technique is still a secret. When the Penguin had been launched plenty of websites just fell down in the rankings.

So the following question is arising. What SEO techniques should be used in order to raise search engine ranking avoiding any issues?

increase ranking

Build Merit based links

Well, building spam links is much faster way with less effort. Merit based links require more efforts while give you more guarantees that your website will be search engine friendly. Remember the two most important goals of link building:

  • attracting more prospective clients to your website;
  • telling search engines that your website is an authority.

Diversify your anchor texts

For example, your target keyword is “cell phones for sale” and you ask all your link partners to link to your website using exactly these words. Google bots will think that situation when users from your partners’ websites link to your one using exactly those keywords is very suspicious. To avoid such confusions try to vary your anchor links making them more natural. Thus, search engine will think that you want to point users to the right direction.

Make sure your content is link-worthy

The better content you have, the more visitors you attract, the higher ranking you get. This is a gold rule. So try to pay more attention to the quality of your texts. They must be not just unique but interesting. Spend more money to get relevant content. If you have poor texts you’ll lose your visitors and your ranking will fall down. Stuffed with inappropriate keywords content won’t bring you clients but prejudice search engines against your site.

Use social networks

When you post new content on your website, make sure you tell about it on the social pages. There are also many tools available to simplify this process. Many site owners don’t understand all benefits of this method. You have a lot of friends in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, so let them know about your content. This will help you to increase the ranking of your website and spread the content through the network.

Author Bio:- This guest post was written by Andrew Smith, the Marketing manager at QArea Company. QArea provides custom software development and independent software testing services.

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