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How to Make a Student Blog Profitable?

Student Blog Profitable

The number of student bloggers is increasing in the United States, in the United Kingdom, and around the world. This is because students nowadays rely heavily on internet material.  There are student blogs which serve as a forum for certain classes where the teacher is a moderator.  There are also blogs that serve as a posting site for literary or written works by students. In addition, there are blogs which are personally maintained by the student themselves where they may post any content they prefer.

Having a blog may help college students like you. This not only serves as a venue to improve your writing and researching skills or for you to voice out your thoughts and ideas; blogs can also help you to make some money in college. Blogs may contain information about the concepts and insights you have learned on your lessons or it may be a diary about your college life.

How to make your blog enterprising?

Aside from helping students create their portfolios, student blogs may also be profitable using various ways or schemes. Ways listed below will help students like you get extra cash with your blog while presenting creative juices and witty ideas.

Help other sites through backlinking

Many business sites need to increase traffic to their sites. This is for marketing reasons or other purposes. One way to do assist them is through backlinking. Backlinks may be done by attaching hyperlinks to some words on your blog contents or by posting the url of the site itself on your content.

You have to be creative enough to persuade the reader to clink on the link that will lead them to your client’s site.

Help companies earn and then earn from it through ads

Blogs with high traffic may offer advertisements to various companies. You may add their banners or may promote their products on your articles. Google AdWords, for example, provides this option. You may opt for a pay-per-click scheme where you get paid whenever somebody clicks the ads posted on your site or other schemes such as you can charge them on the location or size and duration of their ads on your page.

Ask help from others through donations and grants

If you have built your brand as a blog which provides useful information to people, you may ask for donations and grants for the sustainability of the blog. This is especially if you already have your own website.

Your blog may be a good reference source for students or that you can write a series of stories that the readers do not want to miss so that they will want to support your site. You may also have a certain advocacy that readers want to support so they are willing to donate an amount to sustain the site.  You may also use a crowdfunding page to appeal to people to help you.

Be an entrepreneur, build your own brand

Once you have a lot of traffic to your site, you may also sell some products on your blog. Some bloggers end up writing a book and then being able to sell through their blogs. Other products related to your blog  niche  are also going to be a potential hit.

Be a tutor by offering help with homework and research works via a blog

With the writing and researching skills you learn and hone from blogging, you are also a very potential homework helper to other students. You may add a “make my essay” or “make my homework”  tab on your site for other students to post their request for help. You may charge a fee from the help you provide. Aside from writing services, you may also help them with their report presentations or with graphics and others.

Other sites may also be a facilitator to connect students to other students who may help each other with homework. The student seeking help with homework (for instance, someone who needs CPM algebra homework help) will pay an amount to the person who can help with his or her homework. The site can earn by charging a certain percentage from the fee.

Other things you need to know

Before you can do everything of these, you have to think creatively and be able to find your niche and match it.  Do your research on what topics generate more traffic to sites. You also have to think of a witty website name that you know will attract your target audience. As a college student, it is a good idea to have college students as target audience as well.  You may work from there by posting content that interests them.

Learn the techniques of search engine optimization (SEO) such as using keywords. You may also post various forms of content, article to infographics to videos in order to make your blog interesting. Once you have increased traffic and also have grown an online presence of your brand, you may now start planning for earning potentials.

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