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How to Make Your Domain Name Work Better for Your Business?

Choosing a great domain name can make a huge difference and even set the tone for your business’s presence online. Lots of people who have established small businesses are realizing the importance of having catchy domain names that serve to attract visitors, who might in turn become loyal customers in the future. In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips that you can use to come up with a memorable domain name that works from a marketing angle.

What’s in a Name?

Think about the big business websites that became runaway successes. Entrepreneur.com, Forbes.com, and investopedia.com all embody one of the cardinal rules of naming: simplicity. You want your domain name to be simple enough so that anyone wanting to access your site won’t have to retype the web address three times in order to get it right. Most internet users don’t have that kind of patience, and will move on to your next competitor if they don’t get what they need instantly. Simplicity allows more people to easily and quickly access your website.

Associate it With Your Business

It’s important to make the connection between the domain name and your business. If you’re selling rustic mirrors online, you could have a domain name with the word ‘rusticmirror’ in it. You can take this concept further and even add in your geographical location into the domain name. This helps you rank higher in the Google search pages, leading to an increased number of visitors to your website and increased brand exposure.

Aim for a.com Extension

There are millions of websites and businesses online. Chances are that the first time you do a search to look for a particular.com domain for your business website, you’ll notice that another business already has it. Do you then just throw in the towel and call it a day as far as your preferred domain name is concerned? You can get around this by buying domain names that are similar to what you had wanted and then linking them back to your website, whose domain name can be slightly modified and personalized with SEO in mind. Most websites have the.com extension, so it’s smart to stick to this format since it’s still the most popular extension, and it’s the one most searchers will try first.

Avoid Copyright Infringement

Always remember to avoid infringing on copyrighted domain names. You can confirm if a domain name or term is copyrighted by looking for it on www.copyright.gov.

Keep it Short and Sweet

You might be tempted to use an ultra-long domain name just because it would be good for SEO purposes; the problem with long domain names is that they are hard to remember. At the same time, long domain names aren’t going to fit on your average business card. Keep it short, but at the same time don’t abbreviate your domain name so that site visitors won’t routinely mistype it.

This quick and easy guide should set you on the right path in deciding which domain name to use for your small business. Keep the name simple, interesting and memorable, and you’ll be on your way to attracting site visitors like bees to honey.

Author Bio:- Kathryn Zellers is a website consultant for small/medium businesses. She shares her knowledge by blogging in her spare time. Click the link for a free Website builder from Webeden.

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  • Rashmi Sinha @ LG Tab-Book

    March 3, 2013, 5:11 pm

    Fascinating post!!!

    Domain name precedes the online business of a company and should be in agreement with the kind of work they are into. Choosing an apt name that is simple yet defines the persona of the company is really important.

    Thanks for sharing this info.


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