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Magento Shopping Cart – Why it is so powerful?

A shopping cart takes on new meaning when one talks about it in the cyber world. Sitting in the comfort of one’s home, one can go shopping in the virtual world. Filling up your shopping cart from a company’s website should be easy. You should be able to walk down the aisles, albeit virtual, and add, change and remove things from your shopping cart. Such power and flexibility is delivered by Magento Shopping Cart. Among the developer community, Magento shopping cart reigns as top choice for websites and businesses who want to conduct their online presence. This open source platform has come a long way since its introduction in the world in 2007.  Today, with a rich set of features, Magento has attained leadership status as far as ecommerce goes.

Small business owners, especially, can enjoy the functionalities and flexibility that Magento delivers. This functionality includes the ability to customize their websites that in turn leads to more business. In the crowded world of the cyber shopping arena, a business has to offer a quick and unique shopping experience and that’s exactly what Magento shopping cart delivers. Aspects such as browsing the products and services, shipping addressed management, payment gateways, search engine optimization and catalog management are just some of the deliverables with Magento. All of it is made even more useful with the Magento shopping cart facility. The best part of this software solution is its price. It is extremely affordable and can enable the small business owner to enjoy a competitive edge.

One of the extensions that works with Magento is the GoMage ProCart. This Magento Extension from the house of GoMage comes in three editions – Community, Professional and Enterprise. It comes in version 1.3 right now. It is a Magento Ajax Cart Extension which makes it simple and easy for customers to manage their shopping carts. A visitor to the website does not have to go through constant page refreshes and reloads in order to complete his or her shopping experience. He can also change the product quantity in his shopping cart with a click of the mouse and does not need to reload the page. Among other benefits, the GoMage ProCart also allows for enabling and disabling the shopping cart, compare products and updates changes in shipping estimates when the customer changes his shopping cart contents.

As a business owner who is interested in getting into the ecommerce space, you must ensure that you have signed on with the right technicians who are well versed in Magento. It may be an open source platform but will need someone well versed in:

  • The Zend framework on which Magento is based
  • PHP and Object Oriented Programing
  • The MVC framework

Choosing someone who is well versed in the above areas and in the Magento framework means that the business owner will get hold of an ecommerce website that has been built exactly according to his specifications. If not, the business owner may be forced to deal with issues such as improperly configured shopping cart, faulty checkout systems and patchy functioning of the Magento platform. But when a company chooses a Magento developer with experience in the platform and with complete knowledge of PHP programing then there is a full deployment of the functions and strengths of the Magento platform.

Author bio: James has been writing articles on web designing, web development etc for the past 5 years. This guest post on Magento Shopping Cart has been contributed for TechMaish.com

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  • Lane Dorsey

    June 11, 2013, 11:51 am

    Magneto is extremely simple to use and you can change it as per to your specifications and also Magento ecommerce development as a most preferable platform. In view of the fact that there is a big, stipulate for Magneto developing in the present situation.


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