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Magento- For Enhancing your Online Store

Magento is definitely the latest buzzword in the eCommerce industry. From being an unknown shopping cart in 2008, Magento has become the most well-known eCommerce platform in 2012. In these four years, the number of clients has gone up immensely. Businesses are migrating to this shopping cart to improve their online store design. You must be wondering, what are the reasons behind this success? Well, the reasons are the superb benefits that can be achieved from the use of this open-source eCommerce platform. With the use of this powerful software, you can improve your business. In terms of variance, Magento can make your shopping cart flexible.

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Different editions– There are various editions of Magento. The Community Edition of Magento is free. The Enterprise and the Enter pride Premium Magento Editions are the paid ones. If you go for a paid edition of Magento, you will get the help of Magento eCommerce Support Team. The functions are more advanced in the paid editions. You can also choose another option which is Magento Go. Using Magento Go means you need not worry about the server issues as it is a hosted solution.

Free and paid themes for improving your online store– Magento has many features to offer for creating and managing your online store. There are several websites such as Magento Connect that provide merchants with free as well as paid themes. Therefore, there is an opportunity to make your online store unique by downloading the themes. Samsung, Nestle and Lenovo can be cited as the examples of official online stores that are powered by Magento.

Product management options– The product management options of Magento cart are great. You can make your item catalogue and manage it quite easily. It is possible to put in more than one image and that too for the same product. Some of the key functions are as follows:

  • Browsing and filtering of catalogue
  • Updating goods and comparing them
  • Integration with different methods of payment like Google Checkout, PayPal and Authorized.Net

Order placing and shipping management are also easy.

Customer services– There are options for customers for tracking their shopping history. Your customers can contact you by using the custom forms. Different languages and currencies are there for satisfying the requirements of the customers hailing from different states.

Marketing and SEO tools– You can analyse the behaviour of your website viewers and then, optimise it for enhanced approach by utilising the opportunity of integration with Google Analytics. With the help of the advanced SEO options, you can improve the ranking of your website on the major search engines. Organising price promotions, using coupon codes and enabling wish lists and user feedback can be performed with the marketing promo tools.

For all these benefits, Magento is considered one of the most powerful eCommerce platforms. If you are thinking of migrating to this platform, you should go for it since you will gain ample benefits. This is for your information that a dedicated server is required for the use of Magento which is a resource-consuming platform. You can consult Magento developers in this respect.

Author Bio:- William Johnson belongs to the most creative field of digital media – Web Design. Currently he is obsessed with latest e-commerce site design and development. William also runs free consultation programs on Magento eCommerce for his set of readers. He suggests you to visit Big Eye Deers in case you want to know more about this eCommerce platform. To him creativity comes with new challenges and he loves to take on them. Painting, snorkelling and water-skiing are some other activities he cannot live without.

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