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Magento CE Version 1.7 – Explore The Exciting Features

Magento is 100% owned by eBay and was developed by Magento Inc (earlier known as Varien). Launched on Mar-2008, it is an e-commerce web-based app that is built with the help of Zend Framework. It stores data with the help of entity-attribute-value (EAV) database. In May-2010, it released Magento mobile which is a mobile based application. Presently, it has joined eBay’s new X Commerce initiative. Its only free version available is Magento Community Edition.

Magento CE 1.7

Let’s find more about the numerous features that Magento CE Version 1.7 has to offer.

Catalog Search Refinement: The CE extension provides for an excellent search feature. The refined search technology configures with search engines to present the results with all search terms. Infact, the user can search for an item with any term.

Prevent SPAM with Akismet: It is integrated with Akismet’s anti-spam solution to prevent spam on the Magento contact form and product review form. Thus, the extension reduces the bad experience faced by customer and lowers the conversion rate for these forms.

Single Product Category Redirect: It allows the customers to redirect to one product page and save click / save second and thereby improve the conversion rate.  This makes it easy for customers to use the website.

Magento Blog: Magento does not offer blogging feature which was utterly missed by many users. To compensate for this feature, the CE extension allows two options:

a) Magento blog – It is a blogging interface made by aheadWorks and managed by Magento Admin. It is simple and pop-up for fun blogging.

b) Magento WordPress Integration – The FishPig module brings Magento and WordPress  together on a single platform. It allows users to manage all blog post on WordPress while the front-end design continues to remain as Magento store.

Image Zoom: The default product zoom is very bizarre and hence the extension allows for better options here.

Easy Lightbox – The zoom is replaced with lightbox pop-up for better simplicity and added comfort.

Mouseover Zoom – The zoom is changed with cloudZoom mouseover widget for better appeal and ease.

Category Images: Magento provides category view with product first and navigation on the side.  The CE version adds for each category an additional row of thumbnail images.

Banner Slider: The CE version fixes the annoying promotion banner management provided by Magento.

Multiple Select in Layered Navigation: The default Magento allows user to select attribute while navigating through results or filtering search. In contrast, CE version allows the user to select multiple attributes while navigating through results or filtering search.

Related Products Manager: The CE version will allow related products, cross-sells and up-sells to be generated with one click for the entire user’s product catalogue. This enhances the ease for the customers multifold.

Quick Contact: The extension has quick contact form that allows users to leave their name, email, phone number and a content message for Magento team to respond to them.

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