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Looking Ahead To Safety Technologies Of The Future

Our safety is one thing we don’t want to compromise on. Whether it’s at work, home or on holiday we need, first and foremost, to keep safe in what we do. With that in mind there are many new ways developing to help this. Technology is springing up that doesn’t just make our lives more convenient but also safer.

So, in the future, what will the latest developments mean for safety?

The best of today, tomorrow

The first thing to consider is that the leading technologies of today will take time to filter through to everyone. The pioneers who have developed the best practice will take others with them, benefitting everyone in time.

Take the world of work, for example. Dangerous substances such as asbestos and formaldehyde are no longer in use and over time regulations have been developed on other hazardous substances such as paints that contain solvents.

Most paint spraying operations now use facilities like spray booths from Airblast Eurospray to meet COSHH regulations; undoubtedly the rest of the industry will catch up.


Safety TechnologiesDriving is one of the most dangerous things we do so it’s no wonder that technology is looking to shape our experiences behind the wheel. Technology is already helping us to plot routes with Sat-Nav systems, the next stage is to build smartphone technology into the dashboard display to make that an even more natural part of the driving experience.

Safety cameras are eliminating the blind spot, while sensors are able to detect when we’re too close to another vehicle and hit the brakes. These are the next stages in driving safety technology and will form part of the move towards automated vehicles.

Much of the appeal of the appeal of driverless vehicles is to remove human error – as well as human effort – and the long-held dream to make these a reality will not occur until their safety credentials are proven.

Locked up

Being safe isn’t just about reducing risks at work or on the roads – it’s also about protecting our property too. New developments are adding smart technology into a variety of functions around our homes. Take the humble lock, for example. This device is getting a technological upgrade – with new electronic versions that can connect to an app on a smartphone. The user can then lock or unlock their door from afar and even send a code to a tradesman or delivery driver to allow them time-limited access.

Such systems can accommodate cameras so that homeowners can watch who is in their property from afar.

Increasingly, making homes ‘smart’ will allow the control of connected devices through an app, putting safety under the control of technology. The possibilities are attractive, especially when it comes to ensuring that appliances are switched off, avoiding overheating and the risk of fire.

Our smartphones and mobile devices – which sit in control of an inter-connected home – are set to make increasing use of biometrics too, to ensure that they are more secure to use.

Safety clearly matters. Whether it’s handling dangerous chemicals, driving or protecting our homes we all value staying safe and the latest technological advances are feeding that ambition. As we head into the future, the goal for us all must be to catch up with today’s innovations as quickly as possible – and then to embrace the next batch of technology to stay as safe possible.

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