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Logo Design and the Essential Elements

Creating brand logo design involves a lot more than just naming the brand or introducing an icon or symbol, it is about expression and representation of the company profile. Business logo design always follows a concept and expresses comprehensively company’s profile.

Logo is the most important feature of company’s profile. It comprises three distinctive and important elements namely font, icon and color palette. Logo is the outcome of a harmonious blend of all the three components.


The icon present in a logo is actually a symbol that may seem simple but acts as a direct or indirect mouth-piece of the company. No business logo design is complete without the use of symbolism. You may use archetypes or stereotypes while you design a logo. The archetype involves representing a theme or motif paying attention to greater details, but never losing sight of the basic pattern. This representation could mean differently to individual viewers as each viewer has a unique perception of his own. Stereotypes are assumptions or opinion of people regarding all the members in a group based purely on the image projected by the members. More often people form a wrong image. This actually implies that while creating a brand logo design you must always use icons or images that best portray your thought.


The font plays a very vital role in establishing and defining the character of your design. Stylish, sophisticated, trendy and funky typography is often used in case of fashion icons or in any other brand logo design depending on its unique profile. It is better to use the energetic and powerful straight dynamic fonts to convey a serious message. Curvy fonts project feminism and may be used to convey elegant and graceful messages. For any business logo design you may choose any of the businesslike fonts. You may choose educational fonts or funny fonts or any clean and modern fonts to suit your unique requirements. Always use highly legible fonts.

Color Palette

Colors convey psychological meanings sometimes, universally understood and on occasions having some hidden meaning. Colors may stir a wide range of emotions in us. Some colors convey universal feelings like red is considered to be bold, energetic and definitely hot and may denote danger whereas yellow is considered to be warm and conveys hatred. The subtle messages transmitted by different colors help in shaping our thoughts. However, when you design a logo you must consider the printing process to be used, budgetary constraints and understand the implication of the colors to be used.

When you decide on the icon, color and font you must make sure that they help in developing brand identity and should enhance and convey the actual character of the brand to be promoted. Every brand has a unique character called brand persona which should be coherently projected by the logo.

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