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List of Top 10 New iPhone Apps

Here’s the list of 10 best new iphone apps.

1# PayPal inStore: Mobile Payments App

PayPal has a mobile app, which lets you manage your PayPal account, make and receive payments to and from others, and pay for items online. With the new inStore app, you can also use PayPal to pay for items when shopping on the high street. To buy something, sign into the app and you’ll be given a unique barcode. Scan this barcode at the checkout and the store will use your PayPal account to make the payment. If you have multiple bank accounts or cards linked to your account, you can choose which one to use, or set a default.

The app has launched in a limited number of shops, including Warehouse, Coast, Oasis and Karen Millen, with more coming soon.

2# Socialcam: Best Video Apps

Socialcam gives you an easier way to record and upload videos to the web. Unlike YouTube and Vimeo, it comes with free, unlimited video length and storage options. Its built-in camera lets you upload videos while you’re recording them, as well as record videos offline. You can tag friends and share videos through social networks, Dropbox, and via email and text.

3# Last.fm Festivals

Last.fm’s Festivals app is a must if you’re planning a trip to an event this year. It’s crammed with information about which bands are playing where, as well as dates, prices and the background to each festival and its performers. If you have a Last.fm account, the app also provides recommendations and will tell you how ‘compatible’ a festival is, based on your listening history.

4# Doodle Grub

If you liked the Snake game on the original Nokia phones, you’ll love Doodle Grub. Tilt your phone to make the on-screen grub collect apples. The more apples you get, the longer you grow, but be careful not to bump into enemies.

Doodle Grub is free on Android and iOS, but costs £1.49 on Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

5# Amazon Mobile

Amazon’s Mobile app is now available on Windows Phone, as well as Android and iOS. It lets you browse, buy and sell items on the move, and scan barcodes so you can compare the store’s prices with those on the high street.

You can also add items to your wish list, set up 1-Click ordering, change your payment options, edit other account details and view your order history.

6# FlexiShareTrade

FlexiShareTrade lets you track shares in real time, whether it’s your own portfolio or just out of curiosity. It lets you browse information for specific companies, industries and sectors, and see charts for each share and index ranging from one day up to five years.

There are also news and Twitter feeds that keep you up to date with what’s going on in stock markets across the world

7# HulloMail

HulloMail turns your voicemails into text, so you can check your messages without having to call your voicemail. This is handy when you’re in a quiet location or don’t want to use up your minutes. Helpfully, HulloMail tells you if you miss a call when your phone is off or doesn’t have any signal, even if the caller doesn’t leave a voicemail.

8# First Great Western

This app can be used by anyone, not just people travelling on First Great Western, to find and book train tickets on journeys across the UK. By booking directly through First Great Western, you can also get discounted tickets and enjoy unique offers that aren’t available through sites such as National Rail Enquiries and Thetrainline.com.

9# Museum of London Royal Timetrip

This fascinating collection of Royal films includes speeches by George VI, the Queen’s coronation and Prince William’s wedding. All films are narrated by Helen Baxendale.

10# Clueful

Bitdefender’s Clueful app shows the information that apps on your phone have access to and which ones look malicious, then lets you uninstall any dodgy ones in one swipe.

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