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Linkedln Freshers Tips That No One Will Tell You

Jobs are scarce these days and not many companies are hiring. And to add to the problem, the competition among job seekers is seen to be escalating. There is not much difference among the job seekers’ qualifications and that just adds to the problem. There are many sites where you can post your bio data and these sites have connections with companies who check the various profiles and then select the ones which suit their company’s job profile the most. Linkedln is one of these sites where you can post your profile and the HR officers of various companies come and check your profiles and if they like you, there will give you a call. Here are some Linkedln fresher tips that no one will tell you (except for me, because I’m your well-wisher).

Be picture perfect

Newbies on Linkedln have a big problem deciding upon the picture that they must upload on the site. Many choose not to do so citing security reasons. Let me tell you, that your profile picture is of great importance and you must upload one. But be careful while doing so. Upload an official looking picture, preferably a headshot. Don’t upload the picture that you took when you were on holiday to Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background. No matter how good you look in it. It will give out the wrong signal.

Add a professional headline

The headline below your profile must be professional and it must show your serious approach to life. The headline should be specific and you should clearly state what you expect from your job and what you are ready to do for the company that you will be working for in the future, don’t get too philosophic about though.

Jot down your qualifications

The qualifications are a very important part of your profile. Jot then down chronologically and do not lie about your qualifications on your profile. The companies are smart enough and they will get to know if they select you and that will project you in a very bad light.

Have a unique URL

If you are one of those people who’s name is very common, then there is something that you need to do about and I’m not saying that you consider changing your name altogether. The URL that you select must be different and must stand out so that it attracts attention.

Join pertinent groups on Linkedln

There are many groups present on Linkedln and they will make your life easier on the site as there groups attract a lot of attention from companies who are hiring. So join groups and that will add to the visibility of your profile. Be careful when you are joining a group as it must be relevant to the job that you are looking for or your qualifications.

These are the Linkedln freshers tips that no one will tell you but you must follow them to brighten up your chances of getting a job through the site.

Author Bio:- This is guest post from Kate. She is a professional website builder and writes about technology, social media marketing and internet marketing.

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