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LinkedIn Users Can Use Video Ads for Brand Promotion

Advertisements are all about awareness of the right concept, content, place and target audience. Every company’s brand campaigns, by way of a hoarding, bill board, banner, TV ad or an infomercial, hopes to catch the eye space of as many people as possible. At the end of the day, a company cannot be sure of how many of the target group actually saw the ad. LinkedIn, a professional networking site, now has one more avenue to create awareness. LinkedIn, as early as Tuesday, has launched its video ad feature for brand promotion.

“LinkedIn Ads self-serve” interface, as it is called, allows users to create an ad account to place text, image and video ads across the website. The account is also used to control your budget, paying per view or click or to close the campaign any time.

The self-service user-friendly feature on LinkedIn, for small and large businesses, asks for a brief write-up as an introduction and then gives an option of directing your viewers to a video ad on a web page inside or outside of LinkedIn. Thereafter, a video of 30 seconds or less may be uploaded.This is a blessing in more ways than one.

  1. A succinct, informative video ad can bring out a complex B2B concept that a text ad would not do justice to. A new brand or a rebranding effort with pictures will hold better memory retention.
  2. Most times, a professional may see an ad about your product or brand, outside of his office. More specifically, he may see it in the confines of his drawing room, when his family is around. LinkedIn is a platform used in many official situations. An ad viewed on it will get your full attention, with scope to build it into your business plans.
  3. The feature leverages the strength of professionals – 175 million. You may also choose target audience like “C” level executives, leaving out professionals who may not be in your target. Like for their non-video ads, there are many parameters which you can choose to fine tune your target reach: Location, Company, Job Title, School, Skills, Group, Gender, Age etc. Business specific targeting is also possible.
  4. Any or all of your brand presence that you have built on You Tube can be easily accessed from LinkedIn, adding to your professional image. You can develop and access the statistics that you are used to on YouTube.

Video ads will appear in standard 300×250 on the LinkedIn site. When a user clicks your ad, the ad will open into the entire 300×250 units and play for the 30 seconds. After the ad has played, options to click through to your landing page or website are available for text and image ads.

This new feature can do very well considering the socio-professional networking platform. Although time may tell whether it will yield results for FMCG, CPG etc, it should do well for the branding of services in the IT and ITES verticals.

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