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5 Tips to Unlock the Full Marketing Value that LinkedIn Can Bring to Your Business

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • The special role LinkedIn can play in your social media marketing campaigns
  • How you can maximize LinkedIn in brand building

We were not there but we are quite sure that there was a lot of rejoicing that took place at the Mount View, California headquarters of LinkedIn as the social network recently reached 200 million members. Kudos to the entire LinkedIn team.

However, despite LinkedIn’s strong following, a number of internet marketers are still clueless on how exactly they can use this social platform in brand building. Let’s face it. While LinkedIn is a social media staple, it is still perceived by the majority as an online database of resumes, a “serious” digital space where “serious” individuals come together. Come to think of it. While Justine Bieber and Lady Gaga top Twitter’s most followed individuals, business guru Richard Branson and US President Barack Obama boast of the widest LinkedIn network. The difference cannot be more glaring.

That being said, it is common for many LinkedIn company pages to become stale or have minimal activity level. However, the kind of social media engagement and conversations that LinkedIn ignites is precisely why you need it in your social media marketing mix. It can fulfill several roles that other social networks can’t such as trust marketing and thought leadership marketing. LinkedIn is not trying to be “hip” or “cool” or “in.” It is what it is and not milking it for what it’s worth means missing out on great opportunities to strengthen the position of your brand in your niche.

So, how do you wake up your LinkedIn company page from a social media coma to a great representation of your brand online? Give these five tips a shot.

Keep Track of Your Profile and Keep it Fresh

For sure, it’s not too much to ask to have someone in your team to keep an eye out on your LinkedIn profile and update your company information when necessary. Keep it interesting, fresh and relevant. Also, don’t keep these updates to yourself. Make sure that you enable the feature that automatically broadcasts any update you make to your network.

Keep your headline impactful and head-turning. Use “power words” that grabs attention without being overtly self-serving. Also, incorporate search terms that generate high traffic volume to increase your chances of ranking high for these keywords. Lastly, don’t forget to update your profile photo. You can use your new logo or even a tactical imagery your brand is currently using.Choose a photo that is visually compelling.

Stay Active, Provide Value and Be Relevant

There’s no room for social bystanders in LinkedIn. If you want LinkedIn to be a hardworking marketing tool for your business, you have to participate in the discussion by posting a status update at least twice a day. That being said, not all status updates are created equal and some are more detrimental rather than beneficial.

Status updates should provide value to your network and relevant to their current interest. Maximize media-rich content to catalyze high quality conversation. While proprietary content has high share value, you don’t need to pressure yourself to create original content each and every time. In this regard, make sure that you are connected with leaders and trusted authorities in your niche and share their insights with your LinkedIn community.

Expand Your LinkedIn Community

The more the merrier, but this does not mean that you’re going to befriend everyone who comes your way. At the same time, don’t be ridiculously picky. While you want to establish quality connections, it’s also great to build relationships with individuals or companies that will push the boundaries of your reach.

If you’re looking for a guideline on how to evaluate whether a connection is worth making or not, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have the same geographical audience?
  • Are you members of similar groups, associations and organizations?
  • Do they belong to your industry or does your business operations intertwine at some point with their niche?
  • Do you share the same values, mission and vision?
  • Have they shared your content or conversed with you in discussions?

Here’s a handy tip. When sending out invites to individuals or companies you want to connect with, make a personal note and not the generic one especially if you are reaching out to industry leaders and influencers. That being said, be sure to read their profile and read some of the content they shared so it would appear that you really took the time to really know them and you’re genuinely interested to connect with them.

Boost Your Credibility with Recommendations

It’s common marketing knowledge that it’s not enough for a company to say what it can do well. It should be verified by third-party individuals or organizations as an affirmation or else, all those fancy words you used in your profile are just merely for self-glorification.

Get recommendations from your suppliers, associations you belong to, former employees, current and previous clients and industry thought leaders. Be creative in doing this. For example, in your client satisfaction surveys, you may include a short note that you would appreciate it if they could put in a good word for you in LinkedIn. For convenience, include the link to your page. Data also shows that when you endorse someone for a declared expertise, there’s a good probability that you’ll get a recommendation back.

Speak Your Mind in High Quality LinkedIn Group Discussions

And we’re not just talking about you as a business. Encourage your marketing team, your high level executives and other key individuals in your organization to participate in LinkedIn discussion that is relevant to your business. However, keep in mind that not all discussions are worth participating in. Choose those that will position your business and key personalities as credible resources in a particular topic closely linked to your business or your niche in general. Provide training if necessary and make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of messaging.

So, if you’re LinkedIn company page is gathering dust because you’re not using it the way you use to, try out these five simple techniques and watch it transform into a more powerful branding tool.

Author Bio:- Deepak Gupta is top notch internet marketing professional and work with the well reputed social media company in India. With a keen interest to make people aware about the latest web marketing trends, the professional ensures that he provides the best social media marketing services across the world.

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