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Lightning Fast Verizon Internet Simplifies Home and Work Responsibilities

Do you and your family share the internet for surfing, entertainment, shopping and home business? If you do you are not alone – and you, like all of us, are probably constantly looking out for a faster connection that will give you what you want without destroying your bank balance!

Lightning fast internet connections allow every member of the family to have more to say and do on the internet – to use the net in a whole new way, in other words, enhancing productivity in every area of our online lives.

Freelancing or working from home (business word: telecommuting, otherwise known as not being in the office anymore) are more and more prevalent these days. Anyone who works outside of a traditional office environment can save money both for themselves and for the people they work for. That transition is only made possible when the technology you use at home is right for the job – and that means massive connection speeds.

There’s all sorts of good stuff out there to help you make the most of your internet connection – AT&T Uverse, for example, or the Verizon FiOS system, both of which guarantee staggering amounts of speed and power for reasonable monthly bills. The AT&T Uverse system comes in a range of speeds, from 2 MBps download at the slim end of the wedge to 24 MBps (all of these speeds, of course, are potential maximums rather than guarantees) at the heavy end.

The Verizon system offers users the choice of high speed internet or FiOS (not sure exactly what it stands for but the “F” is there for fibre optic. FiOS users can get themselves a mind boggling 150 MBps download speed, if they want to pay top prices for the privilege.

The key to using high speed internet of any kind to enrich your home and business life is to choose the speeds that you will actually use. No offence is intended to any demographic or type of person by the following comment, but a little old lady who emails her children once a week doesn’t need 150 MBps download speeds. Make a choice that fits your current and proposed future net use – and of course one that fits with the amount you can actually afford every month. If you are self employed the taxman can shoulder some of that burden for you, so don’t forget that when you pick the pack that makes the most sense.

Now, great high speed internet is all well and good. But there’s more. The At&T Uverse package, and the Verizon packages too, let you combine your TV, your home phone and your mobile devices together with your high speed internet connection – so you effectively end up consolidating all of your data and communications use into a single monthly bill. Since we are talking about the convenience and rise in productivity that high speed internet brings: how’s about that for a productive move?

The technologies all occupy the same space in our lives: we think of all media and communication in the same way and have done since websites started providing back up services for TV shows and phones started using the web. Consolidating to a high speed package is the next step.

About Bio:- Camilla Hewitt is associated with many technology related sites and blogs. She wrote many articles on the topics like ATT Internet, AT&T internet deals, ATT Uverse, internet deals, etc that are insightful and consist of valuable information for readers. During her free time, she loves reading books and surfing internet.