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Lifestyle Apps You Just Can’t Live Without

Lifestyle Apps

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Depending on your habits, daily routine and tendency to use your phone for more than the typical social media binge, you may or may not have ever bothered with the idea of using lifestyle apps to amp up your day. If you’ve ever dabbled in the concept of using an app to help regulate any of the many facets of your daily life, from exercise to stress management, there’s a high chance it’s lost and forgotten among the many random downloads you’ve tried and tested with no avail. Rest assured you’re not the only one, so we made a list of the apps users say have helped turn their lives around in ways they never imagined possible. If you haven’t found the right lifestyle apps for you, give these a try.

Health and fitness made easy

Everyone wants to either get in shape or keep up their fitness but, in today’s world, that’s easier said than done. Although most apps that help us track our activity may seem appealing at first, sooner than later they tend not to truly stick. Map My Run, on the other hand, has a bit of an edge to it. Not only is it a mile tracker, it’s also a social app. You can find support and motivation by connecting with other runners who also use the app, adding a fun and energising boost to your daily fitness progress.

To keep things engaging you can create challenges between you and your fellow runners, or reach goals you’d like to achieve by analysing your previous running data, providing you with an adaptive training plan. Whether you’re a city slicker or live in the scenic countryside, Map My Run will fit your unique lifestyle and may very well be just what you need to keep you going.

Food delivered to your door

Food apps are among the most popular lifestyle apps there are. All foodies know that food delivery on demand is an absolutely essential addition to their smartphone app collection. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than ditching those dinner plans and enjoying your favourite munchies in the comfort of your home whilst you binge-watch your favourite series.

Available in countries all over the world from the UK to Australia, Deliveroo is an app that lets you search through menus for tasty dishes and get takeout delivered in as little as 15 minutes. Whether you’re a fan of pop-up stalls or just in the mood for something from your favourite Thai restaurant, this app will make sure that you’re covered during all hours of the day. Skip the dinner preparation and take a break by ordering up your favourite meal to enjoy at home.

Mental health is crucial

Mental health apps are becoming increasingly popular among smartphone users every day, and if you haven’t ventured into this side of the App Store, it’s about time to start exploring. Whether it’s a matter of helping you sleep at night, managing your stress levels, practicing breathing techniques or finding relief in a safe space to communicate your personal thoughts, there’s a world of health apps just waiting to help bring balance and peace back into your busy schedule.

MoodTools is one app in particular that helps users keep track of the different factors that affect their mood levels from day to day. It’s designed in collaboration with mental health experts, and helps people identify depressive or manic symptoms, and helps people to track your mood severity over time. It also includes features such as a thought diary, special behavioural activation therapy exercises, and a “safety plan” option with loads of resources to help you in times of crisis, like a library with videos, inspirational TED Talks or guided meditations to help calm you down. Whatever it is that’s stressing you out, everyone has their highs and lows at times. Apps such as these offer a private retreat for anyone who needs some quality support.

Lifestyle apps are all about helping you enjoy the life you want to its fullest potential. Whether they’re getting you off the couch and en route to keeping fit, giving you that much-needed private space to promote rest and relaxation, or simply hand-delivering those munchies you desperately crave, these apps have revolutionised the way we use our smartphones and live our lives.

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