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LG OPTIMUS 4X HD Review – Undoubtedly Drive you Crazy

The LG Optimus 4X HD can change the gadget lovers’ idea of mobile phones. It is equipped with quad core processor chipset. There are many lovely features introduced in LG Optimus 4X HD. It contents large HD display, good battery backup and latest version of Android. There is a separate micro SD memory slot and removable battery is there. Those features will give a vital fight against newly introduced Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. The discussion of all the properties of the phone is reviewed below:

lg optimus 4x hd

Attachments you  receive  with  the  phone

The box contains wall charger, Micro USB cables, headphones, warranty cards, start-up leaflets etc.


The LG Optimus 4X HD comes with wide screen with dynamic display options. It is sleek and stylish in design and very thin also, which makes it more user friendly. It is easier to operate it one headedly. The other big android phones are very huge and tough to use normally like a phone. The design is same as galaxy 3, but it is less tall than galaxy. The compact design surely attracts the market after launching and it will be a great achievement for LG. There are some special design is there in the phone. At its first look it is not look as very sleek because of its rectangular shape. But it has sharp edges which is very glossy.  The back cover of the phone is called patterned covered. The sides are patterned with prism shapes. The lock and power key is in the top which is easy to operate and the volume key is in left side. The MHL port is at the bottom and there is no lid or flap cover.


LG makes some very good mobile phones. Optimus 4X HD is one of them. It has 4.7 inches screen and large display. It offers 1280×720 pixels of resolution and LCD display. A very nice colour composition and broad viewing angle is there. There is an automatic brightness controller is there, which can adjust the brightness of the phone when it needed. The RGB pixel matrix is also presented in the phone. It offers high definition picture quality and swift touch quality.


Another application that it has is NFC (Near Field Communication) which is provided for paying payments through mobile.

Processor , Battery and Camera

It has 1.5 GHz processor which makes the phone very fast. All the four processor is equipped systematically and there is NVidia graphic support. There are some special design is there in the phone. If your phone is out of energy and you want to replace the battery, you can do it without removing the sim card as well as the micro SD card. At its first look it is not look as very sleek because of its rectangular shape. Browsing speed of the phone is awesome and it supports 3G. There is an 8 MP camera which snaps beautiful picture quality. There is a front supporting camera also. The battery of the mobile is 2150 mAh.

Undoubtedly the LG Optimus 4X HD is the best ever android phone produced by the LG electronics. If you are willing to have a new smart phone this phone might be the right choice for you to hang out with  exceptional gaming features, that will drive you crazy .

Author Bio:- This article is written by Jay Krishna Yadav, he is a part time blogger and an article writer .He has his guest posting and link building service. He visit web design library – a blog that offers quality service. He loves to be a part of this blog as a contributor.

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