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What Has Led to the Growth of Mobile Trading Apps?

The world of mobile apps is one of the most popular markets on the planet right now, with over 75 billion apps downloaded for both iOS and Android devices in 2015. A few years ago it was that every business needed a website to be successful, nowadays it appears to be a smartphone app as well.

One area this has proven incredibly useful and popular in is as a trading platform. The majority of forex and other financial trading companies now offer their platforms for mobile as well as desktop and tablets. There are a few key reasons for its growth.


The flexibility a mobile trading app provides is the main catalyst for the growth in usage of mobile trading apps. They allow people to make trades away from the home or office computer, meaning the part-time trader has more flexibility about when and where they can make trades from.

This is incredibly useful for reacting to events and changes in price for stocks, commodities, currencies and more when they happen. Rather than missing out by being away from a trading platform it allows you to make a trade almost instantaneously.

Mobile Trading Apps

Easily Accessible

Despite being scaled down from a desktop computer version and transferred to a mobile device, trading apps are still easily accessible and simple to use for both experienced and amateur traders. Separate trading accounts can be managed from one app although most accounts link across various platforms.

Each features a clear interface for making trades and reading up on the latest news, any analysis and various other functions. They are quick to navigate and you can make trades with just a few taps of your phone in seconds, although most will have measures in place to avoid accidentally trading large amounts.

Safe and Efficient

Security was a worry at the start for some, with such large amounts of money being transferred, but mobile trading apps have encrypted firewalls to protect the security of transactions. In the same way that mobile banking and contactless payment are becoming more and more common with improved security measures, the same is true for mobile trading.

Mobile trading apps are also proving just as efficient as their desktop counterparts. Simple to navigate, quick to make trades on and giving instant live updates in your pocket are all incredibly useful features. If you’ve not already then downloading a mobile trading app should be the next step, whatever your trading passion.

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