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Learn to Think and Blog Like a Great Entrepreneur

This is a guest post written by Monica, You can also write for TechMaish, Read Guest Blogging.

Entrepreneurs are defined by the way they act for the most part. But that’s not to say that there isn’t a place for a certain type of thought. There is a new formula for thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, which combines the two together for optimal entrepreneurial results.

Entrepreneur blog

You can easily apply this to blogging. There is a certain amount and type of thought that you give each blog, but the real results come in writing and action taken around each post. Below are a few tips on how to write effective blogs and how to go about thinking and acting around each post.

1)      Think carefully about each blog you plan to write, but not too much time! Make sure to spend some time thinking about what to post for your audience, but they key here is not to spend days thinking. It is important to pick current and relevant topics to blog about, but once you pick something, write it and post it the same day! You want to catch internet browsers and your current readers while they are still interested in the topic you are writing about, so don’t wait for a few days to write and post a blog, making sure each word is perfect, etc., just pick a topic, write about it, post it and make it engaging and thought-provoking so your readers will engage in discussion with you and with each other.

2)      SEO each post. This may seem obvious, but the more we look, the more we see blogs, websites, articles, etc., that are only partially optimized. Make sure you have metadata, keywords and tags in place for all of your posts, but also, choose the words you use in your blog carefully so that they appear in searches and are recognized as relevant to the many search engines out there. There are tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool that can help you choose keywords to use, and they are free, so don’t forget to use them and other free resources on the web. If you use several keywords and decide to utilize adwords, then adwords management with software and spreadsheet is essential to keep things in order.

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3)      Market and network each post. Social media is an obvious way to get your blog out there, but don’t be shy about emailing your blogs out to your email list and asking people you know to spread the word on their social media pages and to their networks. Make it easy for people to find a share link and all of your social media links so they can quickly and simply share posts with others.

4)      Connect with other bloggers. Do some research and ask other bloggers or even thought leaders who may not have blogs, but have a following to write guest blogs for you. Even if that isn’t a regular practice for you, it may pay off, especially at the beginning, to have some well-known and relevant visionaries or thought-leaders write a post or two for your blog. That will attract new readers and also build on your SEO, since your blog will now be connected with the name of that person in searches. You can also work out agreements to link back to each others blogs. It’s another simple way to get a link to your blog out there.

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