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Learn to Really Design Websites As an Expert

How to be an expert web designer? It is a very simple and important question which naturally comes to mind of every person related to this field. The answer is simple yet intricate. An expert web designer is the one who has full command on his work, who knows how to educate and satisfy the client and create a professional website design, how to deal with various design elements and colors, and finally how to provide easy navigation through proper division of web content.

Here are some useful tips which will increase your learning to design websites as an expert:

Priority to Client and User:

It is highly important to give priority to client’s needs. Understanding client’s open and hidden expectations are essential for satisfying him fully. Also, it is advisable to be able to see things from end user’s point of view.

Easy Navigation:

The structure of the website should be simple and must be able to offer easy navigation. Easy navigation defines how much you are able to keep your visitor stay on your website. It is important to make the navigation consistent as well as flexible. Flexibility should be maintained in terms of including secondary navigation links whenever required.

Clean and Attractive Layout:

Special consideration should be given on the layout design. It should be clean, readable, simple and attractive. Avoid using too much design elements. Try to follow the same layout throughout in order to offer a consistent look. Give special consideration on readability issues and font styles. Avoid using too much and too decorative font styles.

Dealing with Screen Resolutions:

You should be able to open your website properly on all screen resolutions. It will ensure complete display to all users, no matter what screen size they are using. It is good if user is able to see the entire design at once without scrolling horizontally. Another good choice is to use the option of fit to screen which stretches itself automatically in accordance to the user screen resolution.

Compatibility with Different Browsers:

Make sure your website is compatible with all the famous browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome etc.

Using Style sheets:

It is highly advisable to use the style sheets effects in order to enhance your website. They are easy accessible, reusable and provide you more control over your website.

Optimizing Load Time:

Try to increase the performance of your website by reducing its loading time. This can be achieved by minimizing graphic size, flash objects and scripts. Also, avoid using unused scripts or unwanted tags.

Ensuring Website Reliability:

Your website should be able to cope up with the changing technology and trends. For instance, now iphones are becoming popular, so your website should have the ability to be compatible and reliable with such new technologies.

Usability Testing:

Usability testing is highly essential while carrying out the design phase for handling any compatibility issues beforehand. Keep on updating and improving your website with time.

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  • Adil

    July 13, 2012, 8:57 pm

    Nice articles for newbies. I my self was ignorant of the importance of checking website reliability and its compatibility with different explorers, but learn with the time.

  • Tuan @ TechWalls

    July 12, 2012, 4:14 pm

    I always regret that I couldn’t learn website designing. Then I could help myself and create a Wordpress theme like I want.


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