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Leading Trends in Social Media and Business

Along with everything else, business was irrevocably altered with the increased application of the Internet. It’s changed business, economics, and even the way we socialize. In fact, the word social seems to be at the heart of the whole issue. Well before the recession hit, companies were looking for better ways to attract consumers that were already bogged down by advertising and overwhelming media approaches. The social aspect of the Internet seems to be driving much of the advertising market right now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be changing anytime soon. Here are some of the leading trends, which economists are noticing, in the ways that social media is likely to continue driving business in a big way.

Everything online seems to be driven by the moment. Social outlets like Twitter and LinkedIn keep users up to date on current events. We’re not talking daily anymore. It’s more like minute-by-minute. This age of information has made us more aware of what’s going on around the world but it’s also shortened our attention span and created an age of instant gratification. With this trend shift, businesses have noticed the winds of change and it’s likely that purchases will no longer be made from week old news and ads. Around the clock media consumption has created a culture of the “now” and people will likely become interested only in what is current and new. It’s also likely that this will affect every area of the market from Main Street to Wall Street for a very long time.

Search rankings are currently the name of the game. Industry leaders like Neil Patel have been saying for a long time that it doesn’t matter how good your product is, if you don’t have a good online profile, you’re not going to do well. Patel currently runs a web site that’s based around helping people. Some of his past exploits, like KISSmetrics, have garnered him huge acclaim and allowed him to be named a top web influencer by The Wall Street Journal. You can increase your profile in a lot of ways but SEO is usually the most direct path towards online reputation and visibility.

As any social networking strategist will tell you, the best way anyone can build up social capital is by linking in and developing good relationships with the social “hubs”.

This refers to other people that are connected.

“Facebook” is the word on the lips of everyone in business right now. It’s been connecting people together for social purposes but, as we’ve all seen, companies have been encroaching on this territory for a while now. They’re treading lightly and still unsure of how to proceed but social platforms like these will likely dominate approaches to sales, advertising, and networking. The reason being is that it connects to so many people. It’s not clear as to how long Facebook will be the mainstay for meeting business and consumer. Probably, in the next few years, another social media giant will arise to compete or supplant Facebook’s seemingly insurmountable presence. For the meantime though, Facebook will continue to dominate, and mirror, trends in social media.

While everyone squabbles over the best ways to get into the pockets of consumers, they’ll still stay in step with these trends in social media. It will drive this social vehicle forward until it either evolves into something else or dies out, which isn’t very likely. But for the time being, sociability and your level of it will determine online success.

Author:- This guest post was written by Taylor Stark, who has recently been trying to learn to play poker so he can make some extra money on the side.