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Laptops with Latest Technologies

Today’s multifunction and uber-advanced laptops bring Star Trek like capabilities to one’s fingertips. Whether or not you are an actual fan of Star Trek is irrelevant. Having the power to touch a button and summon a distant family member’s likeness on a computer screen, and converse with them in real time evokes the best of Captain Kirk in his ready room chatting with some Starfleet official. These and many more amazing traits are but the jumping off point for most of today’s laptops.

If you are someone who likes to virtually chat with friends, upload and share personal movies captured on your phone, or stream movies on your laptop, and if clarity of image means the world to you—welcome to the era of retinal laptop display screens! This brilliant new technology duplicates the manner in which the human eye and brain perceive and display images captured upon a human retina via a human lens. The results are like looking at images upon a laptop screen that are as pristine, colorful, and alive as something right in front of you. Users have even confessed to being a little spooked by how realistic their friends and family, and other objects, appeared on this miracle screen. You’ll never watch movies or other visual media the same way again!

For the gamers, or for people who just want a super fast laptop with processing power, new 17inch screen versions that can load complex websites in literally nanoseconds are already available. Because game programs require an enormous amount of RAM and lightning speed processors, combining this power with the conventional needs of everyday consumers makes for light speed web surfing, uploading, and streaming. Games are the most graphics and info dense activities any laptop can engage in. A laptop designed to handle these absolutely slays everything else. Run 15-20 different programs at the same time. Bounce between a photo editing program, email, a streaming movie, and social media updates with no fear of crashes, freezing, or an operating environment that just gets slower and slower as the day progresses. Who has time?

Another wonderful cutting edge laptop technology is how precisely it is shrinking, while its potential is growing. New generation laptops are thin as slices of bread and nearly as light. Mechanical sliding doors reveal, or conceal ports, as well as protect ports from dust and elements. These shell thin laptops manage to pack the same bells and whistles into a much more compact space—great news for students and business people who sandwich their laptops between paper notebooks, library books, and other paper files.

Smaller and thinner does not compromise the industry standard in terms of hardware, which include (but are not limited to): a 1.4-2.5 range of GHz processor (very fast, by the way), 4GB of memory (RAM, that is, which allows ease when opening, utilizing, and moving between multiple programs at once), 256GB hard drive (to save those large Powerpoint assignments professors are so fond of doling out liberally these days, or all the movies and music you illegally download), the latest OS (operating system), and screen sizes from 13-17 inches. Where screens are concerned, size matters, and don’t let anyone say differently. A large screen on a thin, tiny product is a wonderful advantage.

Laptop technology has finally evolved to a point that allows anyone to get the laptop of their dreams, with all the features and benefits they desire, but for a wonderful price. As technology is expanded upon and advanced technologies become more commonplace, finding affordable laptops that can do just about anything, from desktop publishing to professional documentary editing, is within reach.

Author Bio:- Mike Jones is writer and blogger that has searched for the latest technological advancements in consumer products for years. He is dedicated to discovering new products and comparing them to see which ones truly bring the latest developments to consumers. From laptops to tablets and more, there isn’t a topic he doesn’t cover!

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