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Laptop Buying Guide 2012

A lot of people face challenges when it comes to laptops. This even becomes scarier if you are a first time shopper. The first factor many of us consider is price. However, other important factors worth considering include; transportation, usage, and type of applications you will be running on it and whether it will be connected to other devices. Once you have taken all this factors into account, then selecting a suitable laptop becomes easier. Laptops are usually categorized by size and function. Size refers to physical features such as weight& screen size. Using this criterion, there are light laptops, midsize laptops and big screen laptops. By function, computers can be classified into gaming and business laptops. Below is a brief description of each of these laptop categories and what to consider before buying one.

Light Laptops

These comprise the ultrabooks as well as the ultraportables which are specifically designed for travel. They are light (weigh less than 4 pounds) and their screen size is less than 14 inches. These are laptops which are light, portable and thin thus easily fit into any standard travelling bag. Additionally their batteries can last for 3 to 4 hours. Because of these features, these laptops are suitable for people who fly frequently with their laptops and those who carry them on their backs.

Midsize Laptops

They are laptops that have excellent mobility and performance features. With a screen size of 13.3- 14.5 inches, weighing 4-6 pounds and a battery life of about 3 hours, midsize laptops are equally good options for anyone who is on the go. Moreover, most laptops in this category come with removable batteries and full powered accessories. Before buying a laptop in this category ask yourself what you want to use for. Different laptops in this category have features meant for business, for entertainment, for mobility or general home use among others. They are suitable for people who occasionally travel with their laptops or if you have to carry it around.

Big Screen Laptops

These are the mainstream laptops of screen size 15.4-16.9 inches and the desktop replacements of a screen size 17 inches and higher. Mainstream laptops have traditionally been the popular types but netbooks are replacing them. Desktop replacements are mainly used by entertainment enthusiasts, gamers and professionals who deal with graphic design or video production. With a battery life of less than 3 hours and weighing 5-7 pounds these laptops are not suitable for a commuter or a frequent traveler. However, if you are seeking the best performance and large storage capacity, then these are the ideal laptops for you.

Gaming Laptops

These are laptops which emphasize graphic, then performance and lastly size. If you are seeking a laptop for gaming purposes, then you need to consider its graphics, screen size as well as sound systems. This will ensure you get the best gaming experience.

Business Laptops

Buying a laptop for business use is an even more daunting task. It is advisable you engage the services of an experienced IT Security Consultant who will help you choose the most suitable laptop for your business use. Some of the features to look out for include IT support, specific services as well as online storage. Once you take this into account, choose a particular manufacturer and get your laptop direct from the source. The machine can be customized to suit your business’s needs by the manufacturer.

Author Bio:- This article is written by Danny Duric, a blogger, internet addict and technology geek. Currently writing on behalf of Eljo.com.au where Australians are able to buy laptops online.

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  • Kashim

    October 14, 2012, 6:05 pm

    You could have given a brief description about the type of Cpu and amount of Memory used for different types of laptops you have mentioned.


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