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Keep Track of Your Online Reputation

We all have a reputation to protect. When we have a business attached to it, it becomes even more important to keep track of our reputation. But caring for our online reputation can be much harder than keeping track of our offline reputation. As a business owner, it is critical to know what is being said about your company online. Anymore, a bad online reputation can spell disaster for your survival.

However, just because something negative may be floating out on the Web doesn’t mean you are helpless to combat it. In fact, using the following tips to monitor your online reputation will help you keep and maintain a positive online presence.

Google yourself

Do a Google search for your name and don’t forget to search Google Images as well. Take advantage of Google Alerts, which is a service that emails you each time any new content comes up related to you. It can be set up to send a notification to your inbox once a day. Doing so will help you keep up with anything said about you in the news or in blogs. If you have other important individuals within your company you will want to include them as well.

But don’t limit your search to just Google. Also do a search for yourself on Bing and Yahoo. These engines are still running strong and will produce different results than what Google turns up.

Monitor social networks

Set up accounts with all the major social networks. Fill out the profiles fully so that every time someone mentions you or your company you will be notified. This is important on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Don’t think this will require a large chunk of your time to keep them all active. Add content at least once a month. If you have time, also join other social sites including Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube.

Monitor blogs

Think someone out there has mentioned you or your company in a blog? Hopefully if they have it will be full of praise and accolades. But to be on the safe side, put your URL and associated keywords into Technorati and Google Blog Search.

Monitor message boards and forums

Utilize the services of BoardTracker to discover what is being said about you on message boards and in forums. Message boards and forums are still quite popular and a good place to monitor any mention of your company.

Read your comments

Make sure you keep up with the comments left on your social media and blogs. If you want to encourage a positive online reputation, the best way to do so is to interact with your customer base when they take the time to leave a comment for you. Respond back to them in a timely matter, especially if they ask a question or leave a disparaging remark. If you find someone has said something negative against your company, attempt to rectify it as soon as possible.

Bury bad news with good news

Keep your own and your company’s site and all social media, blogs, etc. current. The more you post about your company then the deeper bad news is buried within search results. If you’ve had the unfortunate incidence of sharing the same name as someone who was previously arrested for drug trafficking, for example, the only way to deal with that misfortune is to bury it in the search engine results under all the current postings about yourself.

Author Bio:- Brian Prowse is a writer and self-proclaimed tech geek. He writes for sites such as 247InkToner.com that specializes in Samsung toner cartridges. When he’s not writing or playing around with the coolest gadgets on the market, Brian enjoys traveling and graphic design.

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